Social media provides virtually instant access to information throughout the world, thus giving businesses the ability to share news about their products and services with people that were once out of reach. It seems easy, but we have to consider also that the market of pumps for acids is a niche, we work B2B with rather limited type of industries and not all the social media will take us to satisfactory results. So which are the best social media for industrial manufacturers?

GemmeCotti approached for the first time the social media world creating a company profile on LinkedIn and since then we have been studying the different media available to find out new way of communicating with customers.

social media

Our presence online, besides the official website, has recently developed online thanks to LinkedIn, Google+ and blog.

1. LinkedIn in this moment represents a good place for us to develop our communication with customers and prospects and we are having good feedback thanks to GemmeCotti discussion group and corporate page which presents different aspects of our products, service and company.

2. Google+ page is useful to share GemmeCotti breif news, links, photos and quick information with all the contacts.

3. Now we are starting writing this blog trying to inform our readers about further details useful to get to know our company, our products and in general the world of pumps for acids.

4. Besides the images and the written articles, also videos represent an important communication channel. That’s why in the future we will create a page on YouTube with a series of short videos to show technical aspects which would be very useful for customers. 

Among the large amount of existing social media we think that the above listed are the most important but they are only the first step for an industrial manufacturer to be a “social” company. It would be interesting to know the opinion of other manufacturers about their experience in the world of social media.