Are GemmeCotti chemical pumps completely produced in Italy?

Yes, our chemical pumps are 100% Made-in-Italy. GemmeCotti guarantees the quality of the Italian products. We design, assemble and test our pumps for dangerous liquids in our factory, which is located in Italy, near Milan. Moreover, all our chemical pump for acids parts are supplied only by Italian companies, which are carefully selected and qualified by us. We are able to maintain such an high quality both by paying attention to every product detail and thanks to our designers and workmen experience. These quality standards are typical of the Italian products.

Is GemmeCotti certified for a Quality Management System?

Yes, we are certified by TÜV Sud for ISO:9001 Quality Management System since 2007GemmeCotti has been one of the first Italian companies to obtain the new Certification ISO 9001:2015. It is an important upgrade of the previous ISO 9001:2008 certification. This result has been reached thanks to the constant improvement of our business and the will to further increase the quality of our products for the customers satisfaction.

How can I find the nearest GemmeCotti chemical pumps sales agent or distributor?

GemmeCotti has a wide distribution network all over the world. Write to info@gemmecotti.com to find out which is the nearest GemmeCotti pumps distributor.


I have to send you a GemmeCotti chemical pump for repair/maintenance. What do I have to do?

You can send GemmeCotti pumps for dangerous fluids to our workshop for repair or maintenance whenever you need. You just have to fill in the suitable document “Decontamination declaration” which you can require writing an e-mail at info@gemmecotti.com. You can to send it back to the same address or you can attach the printed module to the pump to be returned. Without this document our personnel is not authorized to repair the pump for safety reasons. 

I need to order some spare parts for a GemmeCotti pump. Are them ready in stock? How can I proceed?

Yes, all the spare parts of GemmeCotti standard chemical pumps are ready in stock, therefore we are able to guarantee a rapid and efficient service. The customer who needs to order the spare parts can request a quotation, specifying the number of the required part. You can find the position number of the spare parts in the technical data sheets which are available on our website www.gemmecotti.com. For the not-standard pumps the spare parts will be supplied in a few days.

In which languages are the manuals of GemmeCotti pumps available?

GemmeCotti pump manuals are available in Italian and in English.


Does GemmeCotti test its chemical pumps for acids before shipment?

Yes, every single pump for corrosive liquids is tested by experienced personnel before being carefully packed and dispatched. GemmeCotti owns some test benches therefore we can check the correct functioning of our chemical pumps. In this way we are able to maintain a high quality level in our production. If the customer needs special tests or performance reports, he can request them when sending the enquiry or the order.

Which are the accessories available for GemmeCotti pumps for corrosive fluids?

GemmeCotti supplies some useful accessories for the chemical pump installation and operation. In particular, we can supply:

  • Dry running protection devices. This device prevents expensive damage to pumps because it avoids the dry-running working, the closed discharge and the blocked suction. More info.
  • Flanges. GemmeCotti pumps for corrosive liquids are usually supplied with threaded connections (except for some pump models which are supplied flanged as standard). Upon request we can also supply different kinds of flanges (DIN or ANSI) both for thermoplastic pumps (PP/PVDF) and AISI316 pumps. More info.
  • Baseplates. It is possible to have strong and chemically resistant baseplates which assure a perfectly horizontal and stable installation of the chemical pump in the plant. More info.

Are technical drawings in 3D and 2D of GemmeCotti pumps available?

Yes, you can download the 2D technical drawings of GemmeCotti chemical pumps from our download page. Here you will find also our catalogues, manuals and technical data sheets. At the moment, you have to send an e-mail to info@gemmecotti.com in order to request the technical drawings in 3D.

Does GemmeCotti supply pumps suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)?

Yes, GemmeCotti supplies ATEX chemical pumps that comply with the Directive 2014/34/EU, regarding the safety in potentially explosive atmospheres. Different GemmeCotti pump models suitable for acids and dangerous fluids can be supplied in the ATEX version both for zone 1 and zone 2. To find out GemmeCotti ATEX pumps for corrosive liquids you can visit our product page.

Does GemmeCotti supply also customized chemical pumps?

GemmeCotti supplies many different chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids series with more than 500 variations, giving the customer the opportunity to customize the pump according to his needs.

Our wide range of products includes:

– different kind of pumps suitable for pumping corrosive and dangerous liquids: mag drive centrifugal pumps, mag drive turbine pumps, mag drive rotary vane pumps, mechanical seal pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, vertical pumps, ATEX pumps and portable pumps;

– 3 different pump materials resistant to chemicals: pumps in PP (polypropylene), pumps in PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and pumps in AISI316 ;

– different kind of o-rings compatible with most of the existing chemicals;

– many accessories for chemical pumps, including dry running protection devices, flanges and baseplates.

Upon request, GemmeCotti can evaluate new projects for the design and production of special customized pumps.

Which is the best material for a chemical pump?

When you talk about chemical pumps for acids the choice of the material depends on different aspects. Our high-skilled personnel can help you in this evaluation by collecting some data about the kind of corrosive liquid you have to pump, the concentration and temperature. Our chemical compatibility charts, created according to our decennial experience, are very useful in these cases, but it’s necessary to perform a deep analysis of the final application and of the required performances in order to select the correct chemical pump model. Our technicians are always available to select the correct pump and the best material for the customer’s application.

What kind of data are necessary in order to select the right chemical pump?

When you work with chemicals and dangerous liquids, it’s fundamental to select the right pump suitable for the customer’s application and required performances. GemmeCotti experienced personnel carefully evaluates the customer’s needs, paying attention to all the technical data. In particular, the following data are the most important in order to choose the right pump: capacity/flow and head/pressure requiredkind of liquid, concentration, temperature, viscosity, possible presence of solids in suspension and if known also NPSHa.

How do GemmeCotti mag drive pumps work?

Magnetic drive pumps have an innovative sealless design that allows the pumps to be perfectly hermetic and without mechanical seals.

The mag drive pumps work thanks to two magnets. The first magnet is called “external magnet” and it is assembled outside the hydraulic part of the pump, directly on the motor shaft. The second magnet is located inside the pump, directly assembled to the impeller. The motor transmits the torque to the external magnet which rotates and makes the internal magnet move in a synchronous way without any contact between the parts, but only thanks to the magnetic field between the two. In this way, the impeller rotates and it moves the fluid through the pump. The rear casing is placed between the two magnet joints and closes hermetically the hydraulic part of the pump from the motor.  The mag drive pump design can avoid dangerous and expensive liquids leakage and emission in the atmosphere. Moreover the sealless construction of the chemical pump without any kind of mechanical seal reduces the possibility of wearing out with time, with consequent reduction of the maintenance costs. 

Which are the advantages of using a GemmeCotti mag drive pump?

A) GemmeCotti mag drive chemical pumps are suitable for industrial applications, in particular for pumping acids, bases, hydrocarbons, solvents, alkali, corrosive and dangerous liquids thanks to their chemical resistance and compatibility.

B) Mag drive chemical pumps don’t have seals and that’s why they don’t have joints wearing problems which can cause liquid leakages or emissions in the atmosphere. The hydraulic part of the pump is completely hermetic.

GemmeCotti pumps for acids:

  • are safer for workers because no acid or dangerous liquid will hurt the operator;
  • allow their users to comply with environmental regulations since their hermetic design prevents the leakage of dangerous liquids;
  • thanks to the hermetic design of the hydraulic part, they reduce liquid wastes with a consequent economic advantages for the user.

C) Since mag drive pumps don’t have mechanical seals which tend to wear out with time and use, they need very low periodic maintenance with consequent save of costs. With normal working conditions, GemmeCotti pumps can work without any extraordinary maintenance for years. You only have to check the conditions of the o-rings and the bearings periodically.

D) Magnetic drive chemical pumps, thanks to their special design, keep the hydraulic part of the pump hermetically separated from the motor, preventing leakage and motor damage.

E) The coupling is very fast and easy because there is no need for a motor/pump alignment. The pump is assembled directly on the motor flange therefore it can be easily coupled with the motor or quickly disassembled in case of maintenance.

Does GemmeCotti supply pumps that comply with API 610 standards?

No, at the moment GemmeCotti doesn’t supply pumps complying with API 610 standards.