Magnetic drive pumps have a special sealless design that is suitable for pumping corrosive and dangerous liquids thanks to the high chemical resistance and to the absence of leakage and emissions. The structure is really simple and it requires very little maintenance with consequent savings in terms of repairing, spare parts and machine downtime costs during the pump life.
In magnetic pumps, there is an external magnet which is connected to the shaft of the electric motor.
The synchronous motion is transmitted from the motor to the rotor (consisting of the internal magnet and the impeller) through the external magnet. The two magnets never come into contact, they are moved by the magnetic field only.
The impeller connected to the internal magnet spins around a static shaft and the liquid moves through the pump.
The whole hydraulic part is hermetically sealed: in the space between the magnets there is a rear casing which closes on the pump head and prevents the pumped liquid from coming out of the pump.

Advantages of sealless magnetic drive pumps

1. This special hermetic pump design prevents any leakage of liquid and fugitive emissions, which in the case of chemicals, corrosive liquids and explosive and inflammable fluids, could be very dangerous for the people and the environment. Our mag-drive pumps fully respect the most stringent environmental and safety guidelines and regulations. Our special design also prevents the loss of expensive liquids which would add unnecessary costs.

2. Magnetic pumps are very reliable and need very little maintenance thanks to their simple design. In normal working conditions, these pumps can work without any kind of repair for more than a decade, ensuring a considerable return on the initial investment. In order to safeguard the proper operation of these pumps, the only maintenance required is to periodically check o-rings and bearings, without any other maintenance work.

3. The coupling is very easy because there is no need for a motor/pump alignment.

The robust design of GemmeCotti magnetic pumps means that they can be used in the demanding work conditions of most industrial sectors. This technology ensures great safety in case of pumping hazardous liquids as acids, bases and solvents, for this reason it is ideal for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and galvanic sector, which require high quality and safety standards. It is important to remember that the usage of magnetic pumps implies paying particular attention to the operating conditions: this type of pumps can’t transfer liquids with solids. The liquid must be clean, without solids in suspension 

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