Environmental sustainability has increasingly become a priority, and given its undeniable importance, here at GemmeCotti, we are undertaking a series of targeted initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and promote a sustainable approach. In our small way, we are particularly keen on actively contributing to the environment and raising awareness among our staff so that they can take positive action within the company and in their daily lives.

Here are the first actions we have recently taken to follow our environmental sustainability model.


1- New GemmeCotti headquarters

At the end of 2023, we permanently moved to our new 2500-m2 headquarters on two floors. The construction of this new factory provided an opportunity to change perspectives and start adopting measures to minimize the environmental impact of our company. The structure was designed to optimize energy efficiency, using materials with a reduced environmental impact, and integrating sustainable heating and cooling systems.


2- Solar Panels

Another significant step towards greater sustainability was the installation of 140 solar panels. On our new premises in Cesate, we have implemented a photovoltaic system to power the production of clean, renewable energy, and also to become self-sufficient in energy production for our daily activities and the construction of our chemical pumps.
The photovoltaic system will allow us to significantly reduce our impact in terms of CO2 production by completely abolishing the use of methane gas. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, this choice demonstrates our real commitment to using sustainable resources to power our work. We’re proud that our production will become zero-impact.








3- Commitment to Waste Sorting

Promoting waste sorting within the company is another integral aspect of our environmental sustainability model. For example, we have implemented waste management systems that encourage the separation and recycling of materials, thereby reducing the accumulation of non-recyclable waste. This practice reduces environmental impact and helps to raise awareness among employees of the importance of responsible waste management.
We are also implementing packaging recovery and recycling policies that will be appropriately marked on the packaging itself so that our customers can become aware that the packaging has been recycled.

4- Our “GemmeCotti” Tree in Cameroon

04° 57′ 39.32″ N 11° 51′ 5.48″ E: this is where we planted our cocoa tree with a subscription to the International magazine for a daily update of all employees on various economic and political developments.
Its scientific name is Theobroma cacao, but you can call it GemmeCotti. Born in Cameroon on April 4, 2022, our tree represents another step in our commitment towards a greener and more responsible future.

Cocoa tree              Cocoa tree-Camerun

Last year was a turning point for us at GemmeCotti. Through the use of renewable energies, a new eco-friendly headquarters, and sustainable waste management practices, we have changed our corporate perspective towards greater responsibility and environmental sustainability, as well as producing for 30 years now magnetic drive pumps that ensure zero leakage and zero emissions into the environment.

This is just the beginning. We already have several projects in store for the future, and we will share them with you very soon!