On 14th November 2023, our company was invited to the 6th edition of the European Parliament of Enterprises™ that took place in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels.
Our CEO Mr Enrico Gemme decided to participate in this interesting experience and he had to debate and vote on some of the most crucial topics for businesses on the EU agenda.
There were entrepreneurs from all over European countries who had the unique opportunity to have a direct debate with high representatives of the EU institutions.

Representatives of the EU institutions              European Parliament

This event was organized into 3 main sessions in which all the businessmen and businesswomen were asked to give their opinions and vote 5 key questions directly related to the topic of the session: 

  1. First session – Unlocking the potential of the single market for skills and human capital 
  2. Second session – Navigating the energy crisis 
  3. Third session – Strengthening Europe’s competitiveness in uncertain times

GemmeCotti at the European Parliament              Session vote

It was an educational and very interesting experience that has given many points for reflection on crucial topics and every businessman and woman got a chance to become a Member of the European Parliament for one day.

We enjoyed it and we hope to be invited to the next edition!