We are really excited to announce the launch of our new GemmeCotti website designed with a fresh and innovate look, user-friendly navigation and up-to-date contents. There are many improvements that will help users to find the information they are looking for. The main new features are:

  1. Immediate and easy access to the complete range of pumps. In the home page users can see the photos and a brief description of each kind of pumps supplied by GemmeCotti and with a simple click it’s possible to have a look at the pumps available for each category.
  2. Up-to-date news about our company and our pumps for acids available directly from the home page.
  3. Direct links to our social networks. GemmeCotti is active on different social media such as for example Google+ and LinkedIn (with a company page and a company group) where we often publish news, photos, discussions and technical information. Moreover we have a new blog full of different articles regarding GemmeCotti world and events, technical aspects about pumps for acids and pump designing/manufacturing process.
  4. Users can subscribe to our periodical newsletter where we share news about products, services, events, marketing activities and special offers. A useful way to be always up-to-date about GemmeCotti world through a simple email.website home page
  5. Detailed technical description for each pump  with all the features and technical data. Users can also download the product specific catalogues, the technical drawings and the use and maintenance manual.pump description
  6. Download page with all the pump catalogues available.download page
  7. For those interested in receiving a quotation for our pumps or spare parts there is a form to fill in  suitable to send enquiries.
  8. Full company presentation with details about our services, our mission and values.
  9. For a first selection of the pump material, users can find a chemical compatibility chart with the main liquids that can be pumped and the standard materials used in GemmeCotti pumps. chemical compatibility chartWe hope you enjoy our new website and we wish you a great visit! www.gemmecotti.com