Sealless Magnetic Drive pumps model HTM 31 PP/PVDF are now suitable also for 4 KW motor size 112. This pump model can be coupled to three different motor sizes:

SIZE 90 – 2,2KW
SIZE 100 – 3KW
new SIZE 112 – 4 KW
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What are the characteristics of mag drive pump model HTM PP/PVDF?

HTM PP/PVDF pumps are mag drive centrifugal pumps made of thermoplastic materials (PP and PVDF) and are suitable to pump high corrosive liquids.

Max capacity: 45 m3/h, Max Head: 33 mlc, Max
Temperature: 90°C Max viscosity: 200 cSt, Pressure rating NP 4 at 20°C.

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How does a magnetic drive pump work?

Sealless mag drive pumps have a particular sealless design that is suitable to pump corrosive and dangerous liquids thanks to the high chemical resistance and absence of leakage and emissions. The structure is really simple and requires a very reduced maintenance with consequent save in terms of repairing and spare parts costs during the pump life.
The external magnet, placed on the drive shaft, transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller which rotates and moves the fluid through the pump.

Here is a sketch of the functioning of magnetic drive system.Mga drive pumps