Thanks to the recent school reform, students attending high school can benefit from the initiative called “Work-Study Program”. This is a great opportunity offered to teenagers to spend some weeks working in various companies and learning about the working life. GemmeCotti believes that this project could really give big benefits to the young people for their future. That’s why for more than 10 years we have been in contact with local high schools and we have been hosting many students in our offices for short internships. Now, thanks to the “Work-Study Program”, GemmeCotti could made itself regularly available for welcoming these young people.
Cristina – Marketing Manager in GemmeCotti: “This kind of activity allows young people both to understand the working life in a company and to experience a different world made of responsibilities and activities they are not accustomed to. GemmeCotti team shows to these students the various aspects of the company and guides them to do easy activities by themselves.”

We interviewed two of our most recent students, Giorgia and Nicola. They’re both attending the last year but in two different kinds of school. Giorgia was interested in the account and marketing office, while Nicola in the technical office.

Cristina: “What did you do during the weeks spent in GemmeCotti?”
Giorgia: “I could join the colleagues of the sales office and closely observe how they prepared invoices, quotations, shipping documents and all kind of documentation necessary to sell the products. Concerning marketing I actively performed some tasks as for example searching for new prospects and update the data base regarding active customers.”
Nicola: “In the technical office I had the chance to see how the technicians designed new pumps and all their parts with 3D design software. Moreover, I assisted to a lot of pump tests, that are necessary to check the correct functioning of the pumps and their performances.” internship GemmeCotti 2
Cristina: “Did you felt at ease here in our company?”
Nicola: “Yes! Despite being busy with their everyday work, the team has always found enough time to guide me through different tasks. It has been a very satisfying experience.”
Giorgia: “Yes, the relationships with the colleagues were very good in my opinion. I felt comfortable with all my colleagues, who were very kind and helpful.”
Cristina: “What do you think about this experience in general?”
Giorgia: “I think I’ve learned a lot of things and not only concerning professional issues: for example, I’ve understood that personal commitment is always necessary in order to obtain good results.”
Nicola: “This experience allowed me to better comprehend the company core business, the possible job roles, the different working approaches and I could also learn new tasks. I’m happy I could see the real working environment first-hand because I’ll have to do with it in a few years.”

We are happy that these two young people had a satisfying experience in GemmeCotti and we hope we could host many other willing students like Georgia and Nicola in the future.