Magnetic drive pump HTM 80

Our production can now boast a new pump that widen the choice of our magnetic drive centrifugal pumps: HTM 80 PP/PVDF. This pump is the newborn in GemmeCotti and we are certainly proud to introduce a product whose size makes it unique on the market of pumps with injection moulded parts. As a matter of fact, HTM 80 is not machined from a block and it can reach a capacity of 90 m3/h and a head of 38 mlc.


Performance capability:

HTM 80 is the biggest size of HTM pumps series (magnetic drive centrifugal pumps) that consequently now cover a range of flow from 0,5m3/h to 90m3/h and a range of head from 0,5mlc to 38mlc.


HTM 80 is available in thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF) which assures high chemical resistance to most existing chemicals. All the internal plastic parts are made through injection moulding process. 

Advantages of HTM 80 injection moulded pump parts:

Compared to pumps machined from a solid block, injection moulded pumps guarantee repeatability, absence of leakage, better efficiency and, above all, higher quality. Moreover, it assures a faster delivery.    

Mag drive design:

The sealless magnetic drive design, without any mechanical seal, is the most suitable solution for pumping acids and corrosive and dangerous liquids because it is leak-proof and emission-proof. 

Magnetic drive pump functioning:

HTM 80 design is really simple. The external magnet on the drive shaft transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller, which rotates and moves the fluid through the pump. This motion transmission through magnetic joints guarantees maximum safety and efficiency.  

Advantages of magnetic drive design:

Furthermore, it’s really easy to assemble and disassemble this type of pump and the maintenance is very reduced. As a result, there’s a remarkable saving in terms of repairing and spare parts costs during pump life.


Materials: PP; PVDF 

Max flow: 90m3/h

Max head: 38mlc

Max temperature: PP 60°C, PVDF 90°C

Max viscosity: 200cSt

Max nominal pressure: 6 bar @20°C


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