We would like to officially welcome Brian, who joined GemmeCotti team only a few days ago! Brian will work in the technical office, where he will deal with pump design and R&D.

Brian has already gained some working experience in the energy field. However, his professional interests were different because he has always wanted to work closer to the industrial environment.
We are sure that in GemmeCotti he will have the chance to achieve his objectives. Here in our company, Brian can assist his colleagues of the technical office in a lot of different activities: developing projects with 3D software, checking the final products performances, improving existing products and designing new ones.

Before starting his working career, Brian got a Master Degree in Energy Engineering at Politecnico of Milan. In particular, his graduate thesis was about chemical-energy issues.
In his free time, Brian practices a lot of sport. He likes jogging and calisthenics, a discipline that is still little known in fitness. It consists in performing some gymnastics exercises without using any kind of tool and it aims at improving body strength and flexibility. We are sure that Brian will always be fit enough to deal with everyday working tasks.

We wish you a good job Brian!