In our Company 45% are women and 55% are men. Women aren’t relegated in minor roles as happens often in our country. In our team women have important decisional roles because we believe in Equal Opportunity principle.
If people , regardless of gender, feel themselves recognized for their expertise and are free to express their potential, the whole company will benefit.
Women have grown in our company and they were able to grow our business over the years.
That’s why in GemmeCotti women occupy decision-making roles and have responsibilities and that ‘s why you will find female staff always professional and competent even in sales department that is often dominated by men.

In Italy there are many laws on Equal Opportunities ,( Code of Equal Opportunities between men and women ( Legislative Decree 11 April 2006 , 198 ) ), especially thanks to the important imput derived From European Norm that inserted Equal Opportunities between the Fundamental Principles. ( Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union , Nice 2000 , art 21 , art 23).

The company plays an important role in the application of the principle of equal opportunities , but often it is left to the voluntary initiative of the entrepreneur that is not supported by the institutions. In our country woman are paid 20 % less then men for the same job and many are the discrimination against women so we believe that it is important to talk about Equal Opportunities.

GemmeCotti staff