Have you been cooking our recipes in GemmeCotti newsletter for years? Or you simply like cooking? As we are Italians, we are not only chemical pumps specialists, but we also love cooking and good food. That’s why we decided to launch a competition called Cooking Contest! 

Take part in our contest and show us what you can do with burners, oven, knives and a bit of fantasy.
You could win an exclusive apron with GemmeCotti logo and other fantastic prizes. Moreover, you could have the chance to see your recipe published on our website, social networks and become the protagonist of the next GemmeCotti newsletter.

You only have to send us an e-mail with the recipe you prefer and a photo of the dish cooked by you. Don’t be afraid: you can participate with any kind of dish, both salty or sweet.
There is only one rule: the photo of the dish must whet our appetite!

When you prepare your favorite dish, you only have to take a picture, write down the recipe and send it to marketing@gemmecotti.com
The contest is open to everybody who wants to take this challenge. It doesn’t matter if you found out about us by chance on the internet today or if you are an old customer, partner or supplier: the contest is free of charge and no subscription is needed.

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Do you have questions? Read the complete guidelines below: you can find all info you need.



To participate in the contest you only have to send your favorite recipe and a photo of the dish you cooked to GemmeCotti marketing@gemmecotti.com. We won’t accept incomplete e-mails with photo or recipe only. You can choose any kind of recipe, both salty or sweet and both Italian or international.


The person who will send us the best recipe will win a GemmeCotti kitchen apron and will have the possibility to see his/her recipe published on the news section of our website (www.gemmecotti.com), on our social media pages and on our newsletter. Also the second and the third-best will be awarded with the apron too, and they will appear together in a narrower space on our website, newsletter and social media pages in the following months. The recipes will be published both in English and Italian languages, translated by us.


The contest is open to everybody in all countries. No subscription is necessary: you only need to send us an e-mail to marketing@gemmecotti.com with your recipe and the photo of your dish.


The contest will last until 28th February 2018 included.

We will announce the winners on our website (news section) and on all our social networks in the following days.


GemmeCotti team will be the jury for this contest.

Every single employee will assign some points to the recipe according to the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Cooking simplicity: the preparation time should not exceed 1 hour and a half and the recipe should have a medium-low cooking difficulty level (max. 10 points);
  2. Presentation: the more the photo of the dish is inviting the more it will receive points (max. 10 points).

In this way, every recipe could gain a maximum of 20 points. Then, we will average all the employees’ scores and the recipe with the higher score will win the first prize. In case two or more people with the same higher score, we will consider every one of them as winners. The same will happen also for the second and the third place, so there might be more than one second and third place.


A person who should send us not pertaining contents will be disqualified and will be no more able to take part in the contest. A person who should sent us offensive contents for the company or others participants will be immediately disqualified.


GemmeCotti reserves the right to use the contest you send us. The winner, the second and the third-best will be mentioned on the news section of our website, on our newsletter and on our social networks (we will show only the name without the surname. In case there will be identical names among the winners, we will write only the first letter of the surname). The participants’ recipes will be stored on our social media and eventually saved by GemmeCotti S.r.l.

For any info you can contact us @ marketing@gemmecotti.com