GemmeCotti internsEvery summer we offer an internship in GemmeCotti to high-school students who can use the things they have learned in school and put them into practice. In this way the students gain work experience in their field of study that can be helpful to finish the final year of school. This year our interns in the sales/marketing department are Eleonora and Jessica, two young girls who are studying business and foreign languages.

We took this opportunity and, after some weeks, asked few questions to Jessica about her experience in GemmeCotti.


Why have you decided to do an internship after the school year?

Because I wanted see how it feels to work in a company. I’ve never had this opportunity before and I think it’s important for me to find out if this is what I really want to do in the future.


Which purposes did you want to reach during your internship?

I had three main purposes in mind :

1- I wanted to experience the work environment for the first time because working eight hours in a company is really different from the school life.

2- I wanted to make a comparison between going to school and working so that next year I will be able to decide whether it’ll better to go on studying or to find a job.

3- I wanted to get the awareness of what I would really like to do in the future and if, in my case, I could be interested in working in a company.


So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m still not sure of what I would like to do but, as I have been studying foreign languages at school, I hope that I will find a job which will let me go on practicing them. Now, after that I’ve almost finished my internship , I can say that I have found this kind of job interesting and therefore I will take into consideration to work in a company like GemmeCotti in the future.


Would you consider you work experience here useful so far?

Definately! I have had the opportunity to see directly how people work in a company and now I can decide if  this kind of job could be what I am looking for. I am very satisfied with this internship because it has taught me how working in a company is and what cooperating with other people means.  Moreover, there are more responsibilities in the working environment than at school; for this reason I think an experience like this makes young people more responsible.


What has been the most positive aspect of this internship?

What I have appreciated the most was the possibility to see how people work in a company and to cooperate with them. Moreover, if I had to write an analysis essay of these weeks, I would say that this experience has been very positive because I have reached my purposes, I have learned something new and I have also finished several tasks with the help of my tutor and the other colleagues who have been very helpful in case of need. At the beginning I was a little shy because this was the first time I had worked in a company with new people, but after the first few days I got to know the place and the colleagues, who have been very nice to me.


And what aspect did you like the least?

I have not found negative aspects.  Maybe the most difficult thing was to get used to the working hours because I have never worked for eight hours in a row.  But time has passed really fast anyway!


Would you suggest this experience to your schoolmates?

Yes because it’s a great opportunity to put into practice your knowledge and to learn something new with a direct experience. During these weeks you can also get to know the working environment and you will not be completely unprepared when you start working in the future.


We thank Jessica and Eleonora for their job. It’s been a real pleasure to work with them during these weeks and we will wait for the next interns.