We’re excited to announce the launch of our new e-commerce site.
In this online shop you can choose and buy from a variety of GemmeCotti products like HTM magnetic drive centrifugal pumps or HTT mag drive turbine pumps with the materials and the motor power that you prefer for those pumps. 

Our e-commerce includes 3 categories of GemmeCotti products: 

  1. Mag drive pumps 
  2. Accessories
  3. Spare parts for mag drive pumps


MAG DRIVE PUMPS GemmeCotti HTM scrubbers

The pumps available on our e-commerce are the magnetic drive centrifugal pumps in PP and PVDF (pump sizes available: HTM 4 , HTM 6, HTM 10, HTM 15, HTM 31) and the magnetic drive turbine pumps in PP and PVDF (HTT 2000, HTT 3000, HTT 5000).

You can find all the details about the pumps and their technical data directly on our e-commerce site so that you can choose the right pump for your needs and order it easily and quickly. Every pump is available with different motor power and corresponding baseplate so that you can order the complete pump set ready to use. 


WE htm 10


GemmeCotti can supply WE and RWE spare parts kits for HTM mag drive pumps from HTM 4 to HTM 31 PP and PVDF. So if you want to buy a pump complete with its spare parts to keep in stock for future maintenance it’s easy to have everything through GemmeCotti’s e-commerce site. 


foto accessori


In addition to pumps and spare parts,GemmeCotti provides also accessories for its chemical pumps like for example baseplates type A,B and C (material: PP), Dry running protection device and Flanges for HTM 6, HTM 10, HTM 15 and HTM 31 mag drive pumps PP/PVDF. 


  • Type A: suitable for motors IEC B3/B5 from 0,12 kw to 0,55 kw: IEC 56 / IEC 63 / IEC 71
  • Type B: suitable for motors IEC and NEMA B3/B5 from 0,75kW to 2,2 kW: IEC 80 / IEC 90 / NEMA 56TC USA / NEMA 145T USA
  • Type C: suitable for motors IEC and NEMA B3/B5 from 3 kW to 4 kW: IEC 100 / IEC 112 / NEMA 184T USA

Our e-commerce is active only in Italy and in the European Union. If you are interested in purchasing from other countries, you can contact us by email at info@gemmecotti.com

If you want to discover more about our e-commerce, you just have to visit our website and click on the section “Shop”!