HTM SP mag drive centrifugal pump self-priming

We are extending our product line: our new pump is ready!

We are happy to announce our new mag drive centrifugal pump self-priming HTM SP!

GemmeCotti HTM SP pumps combine the typical features of our mag drive centrifugal pumps with the self-priming capability. These pumps can prime up to 6 meters at sea level.



HTM SP pumps are made of Polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic material that ensures the best resistance to most chemicals.

All the internal plastic parts are obtained through the injection moulding process that we directly manage in our sister company Gemme Plast.


The new magnetic centrifugal pump self-priming HTM SP can reach a capacity of 25 m3/h and a head of 22 m.

The suction connection of this pump can be customized in 3 welded configurations according to your needs (frontal, on the right and on the left).

HTM SP curves


Mag drive pumps have a special sealless design that is suitable for pumping corrosive and dangerous liquids thanks to the high chemical resistance and to the absence of leakage and emissions. The structure is really simple and it requires very little maintenance with consequent savings in terms of repairing, spare parts and machine downtime costs during the pump life.

In magnetic pumps, there is an external magnet which is connected to the shaft of the electric motor.
The synchronous motion is transmitted from the motor to the rotor (consisting of the internal magnet and the impeller) through the external magnet. The two magnets never come into contact, they are moved by the magnetic field only. The impeller connected to the internal magnet spins around a static shaft and the liquid moves through the pump. The whole hydraulic part is hermetically sealed: in the space between the magnets there is a rear casing which closes on the pump head and prevents the pumped liquid from coming out of the pump.

The pumped liquid must be clean, without solids in suspension (max. quantity of solids: max 2% – max 1mm).

Read more about the magnetic system


• Materials available: PP or PVDF*;
• Materials in contact with the liquid: Pump housing: PP; Impeller: PP or PVDF;
O-ring: EPDM (standard for PP pumps) / VITON
(standard for PVDF pumps); Static shaft: Al2O3 99.7%; Bearing: PTFEC.
• Capacity up to 25 m3/h.
• Head up to 22 m.
• Max temperature: PP: 70° C – PVDF: 90° C.
• Max viscosity: 200 cSt.HTM SP connections
• Pressure rating: PN6 at 20° C.
• Self-priming up to 6m at sea level.
• Suction connection available in 3 welded configurations
(frontal, on the right and on the left).
*Pump housing only available in PP.

• Gas threaded In and Out connections.
• Direct starting motor.

• Baseplate.


   HTM SP is now available!

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