AODD pumpsThe AODD pumps, Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps, appeared in the pump market for the first time about sixty years ago. Thanks to the constant technological improvement, they have managed to set themselves as the best choice for pumping high-viscosity fluids.

There are four reasons why you should prefer a double diaphragm pump as our HAOD pumps for your plant. Here they are:


    The AODD pumps find application in a wide range of installations, thanks to their versatility and to their features. For example: the ability to self-prime, the possibility to run dry, the potential to be submersible, and the possibility to pump high-viscosity fluids. Moreover they are available in different materials in order to overcome any problems of fluid compatibility.


    The design and the ease of use of the AODD pumps are among the reasons they are so appreciated in the chemical pumps market. Indeed they are often described as “plug-in-and-play” or “set-and-forget” pumps, because once installed and connected to a compressed airline they can work for themselves in full autonomy. They can be provided in a multiplicity of dimensions, easily meeting every customers’ needs.


    Thanks to its closed design, the usage of compressed air as the only power source, and its stall-prevention pneumatic system, AODD pumps are one of the safest pumping system for hazardous liquids, together with the mag-drive pumps. Moreover the ecological design of AODD pumps allows them to realize up to 60% saving in air consumption. Thanks to this saving, their impact on environment decreases significantly. Less air consumption means indeed the possibility to use smaller air compressor, with consequent energy and money saving.


    The money saving, especially in the long-period, is amongst the reasons why you should consider to select a diaphragm pump. The improvements made in diaphragms construction have indeed dramatically increased the life of the diaphragm pumps. They can work properly for years with a very low maintenance, especially thanks to their static seals. These seals maintenance indeed tends to be infrequent and inexpensive.

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