GemmeCotti pumps are 100% MADE IN ITALY. They are designed, assembled and tested in our workshop, while the pump parts are made and machined by our suppliers, all Italians and located near our company. So, for us, the suppliers play an important role for the resulting quality of the pumps. That’s why we choose and qualify them through a strict qualification process and we keep a close relationship with them in order to assure the highest quality of each pump part and consequently of the complete pump assembly.
If GemmeCotti suppliers are so important, why don’t we introduce them to our customers? That’s what we thought and what convinced us to make a video interview with some of them. We contacted our mould supplier and our injection molded parts supplier and they happily accepted our request to film their companies and to make a short interview with them.
So now we are proud to introduce our Italian suppliers who, thanks to their vast experience in their field, help us to produce high quality pumps completely made in Italy.

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