We’re happy to announce that GemmeCotti’s website has been redesigned and the content updated. Now it’s more intuitive and user-friendly to help you find what you need.
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Do you want to discover more about GemmeCotti pumps? On the home page of our new website, we have added the range of pumps for acids and corrosive liquids for easy and direct access to all our products. 

If you want to explore our website, we’ve made the navigation easier by adding the drop-down menu to find all the product categories, like our mag drive pumps, the best-selling GemmeCotti product.

And where can you find the main applications of our industrial pumps? Easy, always on the home page below the GemmeCotti range of pumps section.  


On the product pages of our magnetic pumps, you can find lots of changes compared to the previous version of the website:

  • Curves and technical data of each pump to let you know clearly and accurately their performances
  • Strong points of our mag drive centrifugal pumps


  • Presentation of the optional available for each type of pump (flanges, baseplates and dry-running protection device)



Are you curious to know how a mag drive pump works? On this page, we explain every detail of its functioning and all the advantages of our mag drive pumps. 

Welcome to our new website www.gemmecotti.com and good navigation!

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