GemmeCotti supplies industrial pumps suitable to unload railroad tank cars and tanker trucks containing acids and toxic chemicals.


We offer three possible solutions for this application:

  • installation of one pump for each single tank
  • installation of the pump directly aboard the vehicle (GemmeCotti series HTM or series HCO)
  • use of the portable pump H-IBC (GemmeCotti series HTM 10)


The right pumping solution for unloading and transferring dangerous liquids from vehicles (trucks or railroad tank cars) is selected according to the chemical compatibility and the requested performances.

GemmeCotti pumps are the best choice to transfer dangerous or hazardous goods, i.e. all the substances which, due to their peculiar properties, could be harmful for the environment or the people involved.

These liquids are classified according to their characteristics and degree of danger. In Europe, the transportation of toxic chemicals is regulated by specific laws:

  • ADR: agreement concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road
  • RID: international carriage of dangerous goods by railrailroad-tank-cars
  • ADN: carriage of dangerous goods by inland waterways

GemmeCotti is proud to offer pumping solutions for the safe handling of chemicals: we supply chemical pumps suitable for the safe offloading of the great majority of dangerous or hazardous goods.

Fluids generally involved in this application:

  • ammonia
  • sulphuric acid
  • nitric acid
  • hydrochloric acid
  • sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
  • hydrogen peroxide

…and many more!

Check the chemical compatibility guide


The GemmeCotti pumps installed on means of transport and involved in the unloading process, permit to direct and move the fluids in total safety, ensuring quick execution.

For this application, GemmeCotti recommends:

  • magnetic drive centrifugal pumps series HTM PP/PVDF
  • mechanical seal centrifugal pumps series HCO

The design of these two types of centrifugal pumps, permits the safe installation both on land and aboard the vehicle, ensuring a constant flow without the risk of leakage or emissions.

Magnetic pumps series HTM PP/PVDF

Mechanical seal pumps series HCO

Another practical and effective solution is the use of the GemmeCotti portable pump series H-IBC.


GemmeCotti H-IBC has been designed as a safe and reliable mobile pump specifically for the safe unloading of IBC containers. The unit consists of a magnetic centrifugal pump HTM 10 mounted in a robust carry case, conceived to be easy to move. Thanks to its fast connections, H-IBC is a really flexible solution: the pump could be easily removed from the IBC container and placed in another one according to the requirements. This quick and efficient unit is suitable for several applications. Moreover, the pump is equipped with an electric panel and a start and stop switch for easy, quick and safe use.

Upon request, H-IBC pumps can be supplied in a premium version with wheels, for easier movement and transportation.view-h-ibc

Learn more about our portable pumps H-IBC series


To prevent damages to the pumps due to the lack of liquid, GemmeCotti supplies the dry running protection device. This device is particularly recommended during the operations of tanker unloading and for all the applications in which there is the risk of liquid shortage.

Thanks to the adjustable threshold and timer, it is possible to set up the minimum power and operation time of the device. If the power is lower than the set value, the pump will automatically stop.

Main features of the dry running protection device:

Dispositivo contro la marcia a secco - dry running protection device


Multirange 15-35A

2 set points MAX / min

Also for motors with INVERTER


More information about the device 


It is fundamental to choose the right pump model when dealing with acids or corrosive liquids. For theGemmeCotti HTM e HCO chemical pumps operations of tanker unloading, GemmeCotti suggests the use of mechanical seal centrifugal pumps or magnetic centrifugal pumps. The type of pump is selected according to the liquid to be pumped and to the requested working point.


Mag drive pumps have a sealless design that is particularly suitable to pump corrosive and dangerous liquids; the magnetic design together with the usage of anticorrosive materials, guarantees the high chemical resistance and the absence of leakage and emissions.

Moreover, the structure of magnetic drive pumps is really simple and requires very little maintenance with a consequent saving in terms of repairs and spare parts expenses during the pump life. The external magnet placed on the drive shaft transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller, which rotates and moves the fluids through the pump.


Mechanical seal centrifugal pumps are the best solution when the liquid has solids in suspension: their design with open impeller permits to transfer dirty liquids and fluids with high viscosity.

The seal of these pumps is composed of a static ring and a rotating ring placed on the pump shaft, which is directly coupled to the motor shaft. When the pump is working, the two rings’ surfaces slide together and the lubrication of the parts is granted by the pumped liquid.


GemmeCotti supplies pumps for chemicals suitable for the offloading process of tanker trucks, petrol tankers and railroad tank cars. Our industrial pumps allow you to unload the fluids with the maximum efficiency, ensuring safety, reliability and saving in terms of repairs and spare parts expenses.

Upon request, GemmeCotti pumps can be supplied with single phase motors and in ATEX version for potentially explosive areas.


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6 reasons to choose GemmeCotti chemical pumps

For more than 20 years we have been pursuing one main goal: design and produce magnetic pumps which meet the customers’ needs. That’s what drives us and makes us world-leader in the field of chemical pumps. So what are the characteristics of GemmeCotti pumps which make them unique and so appreciated by customers the world over?

1- Wide range of pumps among which the customer can choose. We have more than 400 pump variations so that we can always offer to the customer the right solution for his application. Each pump is customized according to many variables:

2- High quality pump materials. It’s important for us to offer the highest quality possible that’s why we choose only the best materials (Polypropylene, PVDF and AISI316) which can resist corrosion and which are suitable to pump almost every existing chemical. You can check out our chemical compatibility chart for more information and to select the right pump material for your application.

3- Best pump design for pumping chemicals. Magnetic drive pumps have a simple sealless design which is the ideal solution when handling chemicals and acids. The hydraulic part of the pump is hermetically closed so there is absolutely no leakage and emission of fluid. This is an essential characteristic because mag drive pumps guarantee safety for both workmen and the environment. Moreover the absence of any seal makes the pump highly reliable eliminating the maintenance and repair costs.

Typical pump design: The external magnet of the pump is placed on the motor shaft and when rotating it transmits the motion to the internal magnet thanks to the magnetic attraction of the two joints. The internal magnet is connected to the impeller which spins and moves the fluid through the pump. The external magnet and inner magnet are separated by a rear casing that creates a hermetic containment of the liquid that has no access to the outside.

Mga drive pumps

4- Chemical pumps completely Made in Italy. We are an Italian manufacturer and we are proud to offer high quality pumps designed, assembled and tested directly in our workshop. The pump parts are made and machined by our Italian suppliers all located near our factory. So, for us, suppliers play an important role in the resulting quality of the pumps. That’s why we choose and qualify them through a strict qualification process and we keep a close relationship with everyone in order to assure the highest quality of each pump part and consequently of the complete chemical pump assembly.

5- Every pump is checked and tested before delivery. What is the best way to assure the pump quality than try it personally? We perform rigorous tests during the whole assembly process according to ISO9001 based quality control standards. That is not all. We want to achieve zero defect rate, which is why we test every single pump at our test bench before delivery to our customer to check both the performances and the correct functioning.

6- Chemical pumps suitable for many applications. GemmeCotti industrial pumps can be used in various applications where chemicals, acids, dangerous liquids are involved, such as: chemical industries, waste water treatments, galvanic industries, surface treatments (zinc-plating, silver-plating, coppering galvanic treatments, chemical nickel plating) in machines and equipment for the printing industry, in machines for tanning industries, for printed circuit boards production, in scrubbers, air treatment plants, petrochemical and oil & gas industry, for biofuel handling, in textile industry, food industry and in bottling machines. Moreover GemmeCotti mag drive pumps can be used also for pumping salty water and water containing detergents.


Contact our sales department and we will help you choose the right pump for your application.



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