Despite the severe lockdown and the health and safety measures, the world is still dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Italy as all over the world, the number of cases is increasing and the preventive actions don’t seem to be enough to avoid a new outbreak. The daily distressing news about the disease spreading suggests that we are really far from the end of the emergency.

Considering this dramatic situation, GemmeCotti decided to cancel its participation in all the 2020/2021 international trade shows, including the important pumps exhibition ACHEMA 2021.

Health and security are a priority for GemmeCotti and we don’t think that at the moment taking part in an exhibition abroad is safe enough for our team and our stand visitors. For this reason we are arranging a new way to show our products and factory in all safety.

We set up a think tank to update our strategies in order to connect with our customers: we are thinking about useful solutions to cross the time and space limits of traditional marketing activities.

The global situation is forcing us to rethink the concept of “trade show”: we are working on a plan of action that brings together physical space and digital communication to reach our partners directly and efficiently.

For more info…STAY TUNED!

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