Every pump manufacturer tries to produce the best possible product at the cheapest price and to offer a good service to the customer. But every company has its own peculiarities and characteristics which make it different from all the other competitors in the same market. That is why sometimes the customer needs to know all the positive aspects of the pump supplier in addition of the technical features of the pump itself in order to choose the best solution for his needs.

Thinking about GemmeCotti, so many positive aspects come to my mind regarding both the products and the company. Here are some of the most important and significative

 The company

  1. Present in the chemical pump field since 1992. GemmeCotti has been producing chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids for more than 20 years. The brand is well known all over the world and GemmeCotti pumps are now exported in more than 75 different countries. GemmeCotti factory
  2. Design and production completely Made in Italy. We have a technical office that follows the entire designing process from the first idea of a new pump or pump improvement to the final validation of the prototype. When the pump is ready to enter the market we start the production in our workshop.
  3. All the parts of our pumps are from qualified Italian suppliers and everything is checked by skilled GemmeCotti personnel to assure the compliance to the technical constructive drawings.
  4. Wide range of pumps. We manufacture different type of pumps: SEALLESS MAGNETIC DRIVE CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, SEALLESS MAGNETIC DRIVE TURBINE PUMPS, SEALLESS MAGNETIC DRIVE VANE PUMPS, MECHANICAL SEAL PUMPS, VERTICAL CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMPS in 3 main materials PP/PVDF/ASISI316. These pumps are offered with almost 400 variations according to the customer’s need (special design, special materials, different o.rings, different motor sizes for each pump etc….).
  5. Company certified ISO 9001. In 2007 GemmeCotti obtained the ISO certification, a clear proof of our dedication to constant improvement and desire to offer high quality service and products. 
  6. Skilled and always updated personnel. All the employees participate to periodical courses to be constantly informed both on the technical side and on the commercial and marketing aspects of our field.
  7. Pumps ready on stock to assure the fastest possible delivery of standard pumps and spare parts. In case of urgent need the customer can have the pump in very few days to avoid unpleasant plant shutdowns during normal processing cycles.
  8. Constant innovation of working techniques and pump design. We are always trying to find innovative solutions to offer the best to our customers.

These are only a few of the many reasons why a customer should choose GemmeCotti as his pump supplier….apart from the quality of the pumps of course…

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