This year GemmeCotti celebrates its 25th anniversary! It’s an important milestone for our company, that since 1992 has been supplying high quality chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids to the customers, which operate in many different industries.

Today we boast a leading position in the market of chemical pumps thanks to our wide range of products in addition to the professionalism and reliability of pumps and services.

This goal has been achieved thanks to the constant dedication that our team put day after day in the work, which allowed GemmeCotti to celebrate this important anniversary.

This 25th “birthday” encourage us both to recall our past successes and winning choices and to set new ambitious and challenging goals for the future to come.

Last but not least, we take this opportunity to thank all our suppliers and partners for their valuable collaboration and contribution during these years and our customers for always choosing GemmeCotti.

GemmeCotti 25 anni