Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps made in thermoplastic materials

Anti-corrosion industrial pumps suitable for pumping acids and bases fluids and highly corrosive liquids

  • Materials available: PP / PVDF/ AISI 316
  • Max operating temperature:
    PP: 60°C – PVDF: 95°C – AISI 316: 95°C
  • Adjustable capacity and head
  • Can function even if dry-running
  • Automatic suction and potential to be submersible
  • Ecological design ensuring a reduction of air consumption

The double diaphragm pumps HAOD are suitable to pump aggressive liquids, even with very high viscosity and solids in suspension. These pumps are built with an anti-stalling pneumatic circuit that ensures the highest possible level of security and efficiency and it doesn’t require lubricated air. The HAOD pumps are available in several materials and dimensions and they can operate in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX version).