Magnetic drive regenerative turbine pumps made in AISI 316 suitable to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere classified ZONE 1 II2G and ZONE 2 II3G

Anti-corrosion industrial pumps suitable for solvents, hydrocarbons, dangerous and inflammable liquids

  • High head / low flow capability minimizes by-pass requirements.
  • Materials available: AISI 316;
  • Materials in contact with the liquid:
    casing and impeller: stainless steel AISI 316;
    o-ring EPDM/VITON;
    bushing: PTFEC; shaft: Hastelloy C276.
  • Max flow 7 m3/h; max head 80 mlc.
  • Max Temperature: 160°C.
  • Pressure Rating NP 25 at 20°C.
  • Impeller design handles up to 20% entrained gas.
  • Ideal for pumping liquefied gas.

Mag drive regenerative turbine pumps series EM-T are made in AISI 316 and are suitable for solvents, hydrocarbons, dangerous and inflammable liquids. Thanks to the innovative mag drive system, pumps model EM-T reduce the risks of leakage and emissions and maintenance costs. The transmission of the motion occurs through magnetic joints without any mechanical seal. This design guarantees the maximum hermetic safety and efficiency. The pumped liquid has to be clean and without solids in suspension.


* The head and flow of the pump refer to the performance with water at room temperature. Should liquids at high temperatures and with high viscosity and density be pumped the performance has to be calculated accordingly. The electric motor should be selected on the basis of the viscosity and the specific weight given by the customer.

*For any information and quotation you can fill in the online form or send an email to info@gemmecotti.com. Our commercial office will select the pump suitable for your needs.


Magnetic drive pumps are designed with a special sealless configuration that is suitable for transferring acids, chemicals, corrosive and dangerous liquids thanks to the high chemical resistance of their construction materials and to the absence of leakage and emissions. The structure is really simple and it requires very little maintenance with consequent saving in terms of repairing, spare parts and machine downtime (costs during the pump life).  This type of pump is not suitable for transferring liquids with solids.  Liquid must necessarily be clean and free of suspended solids (max presence of solid admitted: max 2% – max 1mm).
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On request GemmeCotti provides DIN e ANSI flanges for thermoplastic pumps (cartella + free flanges) and welded DIN o ANSI  flanges for pumps in AISI 316.

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GemmeCotti baseplates are suitable for pump completed with motor with B3/B5 configuration. They allow the correct positioning of the pump.

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We recommended the use of the dry-running protection device for all the applications where the constant presence of liquid in the pump is not always  ensured.

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