“On the occasion of the GemmeCotti’s 25th anniversary, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have contributed, during these years, to the growth of the company.
It’s very touching for me to think back to more than 25 years ago, when Marino Cotti and I started dreaming about founding a company together. At that time, we were hoping to reach the top, to be able to build a profitable and long-lasting business, but the reality went beyond our best expectations. If I think about all the efforts we made to reach the current position, and about the fact that we started with only a few resources, what I can see today looks even better.

Remembering the past, I went through our old catalogues and I realized even more how much time has passed and how much GemmeCotti grew and developed during these years. From the first pumps we sold as simple distributors to the first series entirely designed and produced by us. The company has changed deeply and so our products. We started with only few models and today we are able to provide about twenty different series with more than 400 pumps variations.

 Old catalogues


We were born as a small company which supplied pumps only for the Italian market but today, after 25 years, our products are sold in 87 countries around the world. From then we have really improved our business. Thinking about our pumps being used and appreciated by customers located on the other side of the world makes me very proud.

It has been mainly a team-job. I couldn’t have reached such a great result alone, without the indispensable collaboration of the ones who day-by-day are committed to working with us and for us.
Firstly, my heartfelt thanks goes to all of GemmeCotti’s collaborators’. All the employees and personnel have achieved this important success with passionate dedication and enthusiasm for the work and the company. Your attachment to GemmeCotti and your spirit of collaboration are inestimable.

I dedicate a special thanks to all of our partners and suppliers. If we achieved this great result, is also thank to your precious contribution and your tight cooperation. You always do your best in order to satisfy our production needs and you always work close to us sharing your know-how, resources and ideas.

I also wanted to thank all of our customers for choosing and trusting us. We often find good friends and valuable partners in our customers. With your support, you allowed us to celebrate this 25th anniversary and I’m sure that you’ll still rely on us for your business necessities.

Last but not least, I would like to thank anybody who, in some way, decided to support us in these 25 years. Thanks to all of you for your contribution, big or small.

I firmly believe that with our commitment and your collaboration we can meet and celebrate many others “birthdays” together.

Enrico Gemme


Enrico Gemme
Managing Director GemmeCotti srl