We are pleased to announce that, starting from 2021, GemmeCotti is officially a European Union trade mark! GemmeCotti trade mark certificate

Our trade mark has been recorded in the Register of European Union trade marks n. 2021/097 of 27/05/2021 (visit the EUIPO ).

The trade mark identifies the pumps of our production certifying their origin and it is valid in all the member states of the European Union.

Moreover, this mark represents two key features of GemmeCotti: our full transparency and the quality Made in Italy of our products.

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GemmeCotti trade mark

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Welcome Alessandro: a new arrival in GemmeCotti

It’s time to say welcome to Alessandro, who will be part of the GemmeCotti’s Technical Department,

After high school, he graduated in Energetic Engineering, with a specialization in the production of power. It’s the first experience in the pump world for Alessandro, but he is not scared of this new challenge at all.

With a character that has been forged on volleyball courts and cat scratches – he goes crazy when he sees a kitten! –  Alessandro is ready to bring his contribution to the Company.

Welcome to GemmeCotti, Alessandro!

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Summer closing days 2019

We inform you that our workshop and shipping department will be closed for summer holidays from 10th to 25th August, 2019.

Please organize your orders accordingly.

The sales office will remain open for the entire month for quotations and technical support.


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How can you install a pump perfectly horizontal?

When installing a chemical pump with motor configuration B3/B5 in a plant it’s really difficult to maintain it perfectly horizontal because of the heavier weight of the pump with respect to the motor and/or the form of the motor flange which doesn’t allow a balanced placement. So in this case how can you install a pump horizontal?

GemmeCotti technical office designed special baseplates to solve this problem. As a matter of fact, the pump complete with motor can be easily assembled to the baseplate thanks to the holes pre-drilled on the surface so that it can remain in position and perfectly horizontal. The baseplates are made in reinforced PP  and are available in three different sizes and they can be assembled with IEC and NEMA motors with B3/B5 form, from 0,12 kW to 4 kW.

The positive aspects of this solutions are:

– strong structure resistant to the pump weight and vibrations

– easy and fast assembling of the motor to the baseplate     

– material of construction resistant to acid corrosion

– safety installation of the pump

– cheap solution to a problem that can be faced in a plant


Sometimes customers think that it’s not necessary to spend money to buy a baseplate because they can “invent” and create their own structure to keep the pump in position. But is it really cheaper? There’s always the designing process to consider in addition to the purchase of the parts to use and obviously the time and workmanship for the realization of the structure.

Adding all these costs it’s clear that a little investment for a baseplate already built and ready to be installed in the end could be a great benefit.


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