GemmeCotti has been producing chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids since 1992, when its founders, Enrico Gemme and Marino Cotti, started their own company after considerable experience on pump design and production.

The company is characterized by the high quality of its pumps, which is guaranteed by the use of materials of Italian origin and by the constant care of qualified and always up-to-date personnel, who pays special attention to the customer’s needs and offers assistance during the whole purchasing process.

Our wide range of products includes magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, mag-drive turbine pumps, mag-drive vane pumps, vertical pumps, mechanical seal pumps and vacuum pumps, manufactured in thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF) or metallic materials (AISI 316, Titanium, Hastelloy). All GemmeCotti pumps are in compliance with the Machinery Directive (CE/2006/42).

Armek Srl is an international subsidiary of the Italian company GemmeCotti Srl. Since 1992 Armek has been designing and manufacturing high quality magnetic sealless centrifugal pumps, magnetic sealless turbine pumps, magnetic sealless vane pumps and mechanical seal pumps suitable to pump acids and dangerous chemicals.

Gemme Plast is a company part of the GemmeCotti Group specialised in the injection moulding of plastic materials. We use high-performance polymers, including fluoropolymers, to manufacture technical parts for several sectors such as: mechanical engineering industries, automotive, household appliances, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, military and electronics industries. We plasticize your ideas: at Gemme Plast we follow our customers step by step, from the design to the injection moulding.





GemmeCotti’s first goal is quality and continuous improvement. The main purpose of our company is to gain and maintain the role of “Privileged Supplier” in the design and production of chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids, offering to customers the right product which meets their expectations. We want to offer the best service and the best pumps with extremely reduced delivery time.

Continuous improvement is a very important aspect in the corporate mission, as a matter of fact GemmeCotti’s development is guided by:
– attention to the requirements, recommendations and customers’ claims;
– analysis of customer satisfaction;
– constant checks of the effectiveness of the operational processes;
– continuous training of the personnel in cutting-edge technological innovations;
– The use of qualified Italian suppliers capable to supply products and services suitable for the quality level of our company
– The periodical analysis and maintenance of the Quality Management System according to the changes that occur in the field of activity and to the connected risks.
These are the main cardinal points which guide the company in defining its strategic objectives.


In addition to high-quality pumps, our company offers to customers further services.

The quick delivery of the ordered pumps is clear proof of the effectiveness of the production, but GemmeCotti also guarantees post-sales technical assistance with pump repair and spare-part supply even after the standard warranty period.


The values that have guided the company since its foundations are: the quality of the pumps and of their materials, the competence, availability and courtesy of the employees who meet the customer’s needs and the constant desire to offer the best service in terms of price/quality and delivery time of the pumps.



Quality” is a key word for GemmeCotti, this is why we have been an ISO 9001 certified company since 2007. Recently our Quality Management System has been updated to the new ISO 9001:2015, making us one of the first companies in Italy to be certified to the new quality standards. This is a clear proof of our dedication to constant improvement and desire to offer high quality service and products.

GemmeCotti is constantly becoming more and more efficient and the customer satisfaction is always our priority. Our main desire is to meet the customers’ expectations and offer them the best support and top-level products. We aim to continuously improve every business process: from the technical and production department, to the marketing and sales office.

Every aspect has been developed and organized so that the company can be competitive and flexible on the pump market and can maintain the position of leading supplier of chemical pumps.

Quality made in Italy

GemmeCotti pumps are entirely manufactured on our premises and they are 100% MADE IN ITALY. They are designed, assembled and tested in our workshop by highly skilled personnel, while the pump parts are made and machined by our Italian suppliers, who are all located in the area near our company. This is the reason why, for us, the suppliers play an important role in the resulting quality of the pumps. We choose and select them through a strict qualification process and we keep a close relationship with them in order to ensure the highest quality of each pump part and consequently of the complete pump assembly.

The Italian origin has always been considered a guarantee of product quality and value, given by the long experience and technical skills of Italian workers. We are proud to carry on this tradition and to supply top-quality industrial pumps in more than 80 countries around the world. Our customers can count on a product which meets mechanical excellence standards at a competitive price with the assurance of Italian origin.



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