European Parliament


On 14th November 2023, our company was invited to the 6th edition of the European Parliament of Enterprises™ that took place in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels.
Our CEO Mr Enrico Gemme decided to participate in this interesting experience and he had to debate and vote on some of the most crucial topics for businesses on the EU agenda.
There were entrepreneurs from all over European countries who had the unique opportunity to have a direct debate with high representatives of the EU institutions.

Representatives of the EU institutions              European Parliament

This event was organized into 3 main sessions in which all the businessmen and businesswomen were asked to give their opinions and vote 5 key questions directly related to the topic of the session: 

  1. First session – Unlocking the potential of the single market for skills and human capital 
  2. Second session – Navigating the energy crisis 
  3. Third session – Strengthening Europe’s competitiveness in uncertain times

GemmeCotti at the European Parliament              Session vote

It was an educational and very interesting experience that has given many points for reflection on crucial topics and every businessman and woman got a chance to become a Member of the European Parliament for one day.

We enjoyed it and we hope to be invited to the next edition!

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centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps: characteristics and functioning

Centrifugal pumps are used in a very wide range of industries, from chemical-petrochemical to textile to water treatment, electronic, etc.
If you are looking for accurate and specific information regarding centrifugal pumps, you are in the right place! In the following paragraphs, in fact, we are going to explain their characteristics and how they work.

Centrifugal pumps: classification

Based on the position of the drive shaft that moves the impeller, there are two types of centrifugal pumps

  • horizontal pumps 
  • vertical pumps: suitable for applications where installation of the pump semi-submersed in the liquid is required (tanks, reservoirs, sumps etc.)

Horizontal centrifugal pumps can be installed: 

  • above the fluid level: in this case, the pump has to be self-priming
  • below the fluid level: the pump is installed below the liquid level so it is flooded

Centrifugal pumps are composed of an impeller, assembled on the motor shaft, which rotates inside the pump head. The liquid enters in the axial direction but different types of pumps have different outflow directions:

  • Radial flow pumps (most common)
  • Axial flow pumps
  • Mixed flow pumps

Centrifugal pumps: components

The main components are:

  • the pump head (or pump casing)
  • the impeller, which is connected to the motor shaft. You can choose between different types of impellers for centrifugal pumps: open, which is used with liquids with a higher concentration of impurities; closed, when there is a smaller percentage of suspended solids; semi-open etc. 
  • the shaft
  • the motor
  • Sealing system to prevent liquid leakage between the pump head and the shaft

There are different types of sealing systems, such as: 

  • mechanical seal pumps, in which the pump shaft, connected to the impeller, exits to the outside to be connected to the motor, and a mechanical seal is installed to ensure sealing
  • mag drive centrifugal pumps in which the external magnet is assembled directly on the motor shaft and it transmits motion to the impeller by means of an internal magnet through magnetic force. In this case, the shaft does not pass to the outside of the pump. 

The external magnet placed on the drive shaft transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller which rotates and moves the fluid through the pump. So the containment rear casing contains the internal magnet mentioned above and it ensures a hermetic seal on the hydraulic part of the pump, keeping it separated from the motor.

The figure below shows the main components of these pumps:

Centrifugal pumps: functioning

How does a centrifugal pump work? Operating curves and graphs can be used to describe their performance and area of work.
For a centrifugal pump, the performance curves can be seen in graph 4.1 while graph 4.2 shows the case of a positive displacement pump:

graph 4.1pumps curves positive displacement pump curves graph 4.2

The top graph in both figures describes the head variation given by the pumps as the flow rate changes. The best performance is recorded by working centrally, both on the x-axis and y-axis. So between 2 and 2.5 m3/h and between a head of 4 and 5 m. 

For the proper functioning of a centrifugal pump plant, it is necessary to verify that the NPSH available in the plant is higher than the NPSH required by the pump.

We will not expand on the explanation of NPSH here but you can refer to the following link:

GemmeCotti centrifugal pumps

GemmeCotti can supply four different models of mag drive pumps and one model of mechanical seal pumps: 


  • thermoplastic pumps made in PP or PVDF
  • capacity up to 130 m3/h
  • head up to 48 mlc
  • HTM : injection molded parts – HCM: casing machined from a block

HTM mag drive centrifugal pump           HCM mag drive centrifugal pump


  • thermoplastic pumps made in PP or PVDF
  • capacity up to  25 m3/h
  • head up to 22 mlc
  • injection molded parts
  • self-priming up to 6 m

HTM-SP self-priming mag drive pumps


  • thermoplastic pumps made in AISI 316
  • capacity up to 32 m3/h
  • head up to 24 mlc

HTM SS316 mag drive centrifugal pump


  • thermoplastic pumps made in PP or PVDF
  • Flow up to 130 m3/h
  • Head up to 48 mlc

HCO mechanical seal pump

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plastic pumps

Plastic pumps: characteristics and advantages

GemmeCotti plastic pumps for acids and dangerous liquids

GemmeCotti has been producing pumps for acids and dangerous liquids for over 30 years in special materials: plastic pumps are mainly made of PP (polypropylene) or PVDF and stainless steel pumps are mainly made of AISI 316. The use of these materials ensures compatibility with a wide range of liquids such as acids, bases, oils, alkalis, refrigerants and fuels. 

In this article, we will focus on the plastic materials used for the complete range of our chemical pumps. We will analyze their main features and discover why plastic pumps are especially suitable for pumping corrosive and dangerous liquids such as sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, acetone, cleaners, petrol, diesel, phosphoric acid and seawater.

Most of the PP and PVDF injected plastic parts used in GemmeCotti pumps are manufactured by Gemme Plast, a part of the GemmeCotti group, which specializes in the injection molding of plastic materials

Features of the plastic materials 

Our pumps are often used with fluids that can be corrosive and very aggressive, so it’s very important to use highly resistant and compatible plastic pumps. The pumps made of plastic materials are: 

Polypropylene [PP] pumps

PP (Polypropylene) is the main plastic material we use for our pumps. It is one of the most common polymers and, historically, one of the first to be used in industry.
Polypropylene was discovered in 1954 by Italian chemical engineer Giulio Natta, following the work of Karl Ziegler in Germany. Their innovative studies on stereospecific polymerization, which led to the discovery of crystalline polypropylene, earned them the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963.
PP is highly resistant and therefore can be used with many fluids like caustic soda (or sodium hydroxide) and acid liquids. Polypropylene is reinforced with other materials like glass fiber and talc to make it more mechanically resistant and to ensure a higher resistance to pressure.
Polypropylene is perfect for obtaining injection molded parts, and the pumps made of this material can safely withstand fluid temperatures of about 60-70°C.

Plastic pumps in PVDF 

The second most important material we use for GemmeCotti plastic pumps is PVDF, which is a fluoropolymer, i.e., a technopolymer with advanced properties. Its composition makes it chemically inert to most chemicals. Since this kind of plastic is difficult to synthesize and is used in more limited and specialized sectors, it costs more than PP. However, It is significantly more resistant to high temperatures compared to polypropylene and it can be used at higher temperatures, up to 90°C.
This material too is reinforced to increase its mechanical resistance

How to choose the most suitable pump material

In order to decide whether PP, PVDF or stainless steel AISI 316 is the most suitable material you must:

  • first, know the liquid that has to be pumped, which is in contact with the pump and verify its compatibility. You can use the GemmeCotti chemical compatibility chart available at this link;
  • and then know the temperatures of the liquids to be pumped. Polypropylene is the most suitable plastic material for liquids with maximum temperatures of 60-70°C, while PVDF is preferred for temperatures up to 90 ºC.  When the temperature of the liquid exceeds 90 ºC, you can check its compatibility with stainless steel AISI 316, a material that can work with even higher temperatures.

Plastic injection molding

The GemmeCotti group includes the sister company Gemme Plast, which makes injection molded parts. Plastic parts are injection molded, a production technique widely used for the processing of most thermoplastic polymers. We produce plastic parts that are used for the production of GemmeCotti pumps and that is why we are able to control the quality of our production and guarantee our customers fast delivery with significant savings.
Gemme Plast has a range of different tonnage presses, which make it possible to inject plastic parts of various sizes according to need. So we can offer pumps with a very wide range of performance, varying from 0.5m3/h to 150m3/h.

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GemmeCotti’s new website is online

We’re happy to announce that GemmeCotti’s website has been redesigned and the content updated. Now it’s more intuitive and user-friendly to help you find what you need.
Read the article to stay up to date with all the news!


Do you want to discover more about GemmeCotti pumps? On the home page of our new website, we have added the range of pumps for acids and corrosive liquids for easy and direct access to all our products. 

If you want to explore our website, we’ve made the navigation easier by adding the drop-down menu to find all the product categories, like our mag drive pumps, the best-selling GemmeCotti product.

And where can you find the main applications of our industrial pumps? Easy, always on the home page below the GemmeCotti range of pumps section.  


On the product pages of our magnetic pumps, you can find lots of changes compared to the previous version of the website:

  • Curves and technical data of each pump to let you know clearly and accurately their performances
  • Strong points of our mag drive centrifugal pumps


  • Presentation of the optional available for each type of pump (flanges, baseplates and dry-running protection device)



Are you curious to know how a mag drive pump works? On this page, we explain every detail of its functioning and all the advantages of our mag drive pumps. 

Welcome to our new website and good navigation!

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Congratulations Sofia!

On December 16th 2022 our colleague Sofia achieved an important goal: she graduated in Economics and Management!
We are so proud of her because in these 3 years spent together she has always been a bright and determined girl with passion and dedication for her work.
She decided to write her thesis project by combining her university studies and her
working experience in our company. GemmeCotti was the subject of the thesis, where she analyzed some of the main activities and aspects regarding the relationship with customers.
She could count on the precious help of the colleagues thanks to their interviews. 

We are proud of you, well done Sofia!

Sofia graduation

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Our history begins in 1992 when Enrico Gemme e Marino Cotti, after a considerable experience on chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids, decided to open their company: GemmeCotti srl. This year we celebrate 30 years of activity, of dreams and of successfully completed projects. Our 30th anniversary is an important goal, which we don’t consider as a point of arrival but as a leap towards the future.
We are proud of all the achievements, but we are also ready for the upcoming challenges thanks to the experience gained, always eager to improve and grow professionally, to satisfy the requirements of our customers and the stakeholders expectations.

GemmeCotti started as a small company, but gradually expanded with the establishment of the subsidiaries Armek srl in 1999 and Gemme Plast srl in 2018, a company specialized in the injection molding of plastic materials. 

The quality of our pumps for acids and dangerous liquids and our professionalism are recognised and appreciated in Italy and abroad. We supply our pumps in more than 90 countries and in these years we have established lasting relationships with our partners, sources of great pride and satisfaction for us. 

For this special event we created a new logo which contains our commitment and our gratification.





Now a new chapter begins, full of new perspectives and goals to achieve!

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GemmeCotti e-commerce is online!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new e-commerce site.
In this online shop you can choose and buy from a variety of GemmeCotti products like HTM magnetic drive centrifugal pumps or HTT mag drive turbine pumps with the materials and the motor power that you prefer for those pumps. 

Our e-commerce includes 3 categories of GemmeCotti products: 

  1. Mag drive pumps 
  2. Accessories
  3. Spare parts for mag drive pumps


MAG DRIVE PUMPS GemmeCotti HTM scrubbers

The pumps available on our e-commerce are the magnetic drive centrifugal pumps in PP and PVDF (pump sizes available: HTM 4 , HTM 6, HTM 10, HTM 15, HTM 31) and the magnetic drive turbine pumps in PP and PVDF (HTT 2000, HTT 3000, HTT 5000).

You can find all the details about the pumps and their technical data directly on our e-commerce site so that you can choose the right pump for your needs and order it easily and quickly. Every pump is available with different motor power and corresponding baseplate so that you can order the complete pump set ready to use. 


WE htm 10


GemmeCotti can supply WE and RWE spare parts kits for HTM mag drive pumps from HTM 4 to HTM 31 PP and PVDF. So if you want to buy a pump complete with its spare parts to keep in stock for future maintenance it’s easy to have everything through GemmeCotti’s e-commerce site. 


foto accessori


In addition to pumps and spare parts,GemmeCotti provides also accessories for its chemical pumps like for example baseplates type A,B and C (material: PP), Dry running protection device and Flanges for HTM 6, HTM 10, HTM 15 and HTM 31 mag drive pumps PP/PVDF. 


  • Type A: suitable for motors IEC B3/B5 from 0,12 kw to 0,55 kw: IEC 56 / IEC 63 / IEC 71
  • Type B: suitable for motors IEC and NEMA B3/B5 from 0,75kW to 2,2 kW: IEC 80 / IEC 90 / NEMA 56TC USA / NEMA 145T USA
  • Type C: suitable for motors IEC and NEMA B3/B5 from 3 kW to 4 kW: IEC 100 / IEC 112 / NEMA 184T USA

Our e-commerce is active only in Italy and in the European Union. If you are interested in purchasing from other countries, you can contact us by email at

If you want to discover more about our e-commerce, you just have to visit our website and click on the section “Shop”!


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A new asset for the marketing team, welcome Marta

We are excited to welcome Marta on board. She will be a new asset to our Sales and Marketing team.

After studying architecture in high school, she graduated in Industrial Product Design at Politecnico of Milan. She decided to change her previous job to follow her interests. Here in GemmeCotti she will join the marketing department and she will support the colleagues of the sales team with the pumps quotations.

Dynamic and sporty girl, she loves climbing outdoors and riding her motorbike to visit new places.

Welcome on board Marta!

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Welcome Alessia to our marketing team

Today we welcome Alessia, who has just started her internship in GemmeCotti’s marketing team.

After a degree in Communication Studies, she will soon get her master’s degree in Theory and Technology of Communication at University of Milano-Bicocca. She will join our marketing and communication department to gain practical experience and she will support the colleagues in the promotion of GemmeCotti pumps.

It’s her first working experience and she’s really excited to start this new adventure.
In her free time she loves to relax watching TV series and listening to True-Crime podcasts.

Welcome Alessia in our team!

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Summer closing days 2022

We inform you that our workshop and shipping department will be closed for summer holidays from 6th to 21st August, 2022.

Please organize your orders accordingly.

The sales office will remain open for the entire month for quotations and technical support.


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The emission of gasses in the atmosphere is regulated by specific national and international laws that must be respected by all industries. The term “air treatment” refers to systems and techniques used by the industries to keep the air quality and the level of pollution under control.

Scrubbers are the easiest and most efficient systems for purifying the air by removing particulates and/or gasses.

There are several types of scrubbers which are used in different industrial sectors.



Scrubbers are generally used to:

  • wash fumes (e.g. emitted by boilers or furnaces) with soda or other liquids, in order to remove hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric acid, hydrocarbons and sulfur dioxide.
  • depurate gasses (e.g. washing synthetic gasses with monoethanolamine in order to remove CO2).

Scrubbers are generally used by:

  • petrochemical industries
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • galvanic industries
  • packaging industries
  • food industries
  • cellulose industries



The polluted air is directed inside a chamber where it comes into contact with the washing liquid which transfers the pollutants from the air to the water. The purified air is released into the atmosphere while the polluting particles become an integral part of the washing liquid, which is then collected in a tank.

During this process, the polluted air goes from the bottom to the top while the washing liquid is pushed up by the use of centrifugal pumps and then it goes from the top to the bottom through the scrubber. The washing liquid collected in the tank is then recirculated by means of horizontal centrifugal pumps installed on the ground or through vertical pumps installed directly inside the tank. The pump continues to recirculate the same liquid which, after the transfer through the scrubber, returns to the tank.


Additives inside the washing liquid are often hazardous chemical agents. For this reason it is necessary to use anti-corrosion pumps.

The pump used in this process can be installed next to the tank or vertically immersed in it.

In both cases, GemmeCotti offers suitable solutions:

Horizontal centrifugal pumps:
– series HTM PP/PVDF (magnetic driven)
– series HCO (mechanical sealed)
are the best solution for the installation next to the tank.

Vertical centrifugal pumps:
– series HV (monoblock)
– series HVL (with bracket)
are the ideal solution for installation with the pump immersed in the tank.

All these centrifugal pumps are made of thermoplastic materials PP or PVDF, which ensure a great chemical resistance to the chemical agents used in this application.



Mag drive pumps HTM PP/PVDF have a sealless design that is particularly suitable to pump corrosive and dangerous liquids; the magnetic design together with the usage of anticorrosive thermoplastic materials, ensures the high chemical resistance and the absence of leakage and emissions.

GemmeCotti HTM scrubbers

Technical data:

– Capacity up to 130 m3/h

– Head up to 48 mlc

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Mechanical seal centrifugal pumps HCO are the best solution when the liquid has solids in suspension: their design with open impeller permits to transfer dirty liquids (non-abrasive solids – max. 5% – dimension max. 3 mm).

Technical data:GemmeCotti HCO scrubbers

– Capacity up to 60 m3/h
– Head up to 38 mlc

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Vertical centrifugal pumps are suitable for installations with the pump immersed directly in the tank.


Pumps series HV are available with different column lengths from 500 mm to 1000 mm.

Technical data:

– Capacity up to 40m3/h
– Head up to 22 mlc

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Pump series HVL are available with different column lengths from 500 mm to 2000mm.

Technical data:                                                                    GemmeC

– Capacity up to 57m3/h
– Head up to 39 mlc

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Contact our commercial department, we will find together an interesting solution for your application:




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HTM SP mag drive centrifugal pump self-priming

We are extending our product line: our new pump is ready!

We are happy to announce our new mag drive centrifugal pump self-priming HTM SP!

GemmeCotti HTM SP pumps combine the typical features of our mag drive centrifugal pumps with the self-priming capability. These pumps can prime up to 6 meters at sea level.



HTM SP pumps are made of Polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic material that ensures the best resistance to most chemicals.

All the internal plastic parts are obtained through the injection moulding process that we directly manage in our sister company Gemme Plast.


The new magnetic centrifugal pump self-priming HTM SP can reach a capacity of 25 m3/h and a head of 22 m.

The suction connection of this pump can be customized in 3 welded configurations according to your needs (frontal, on the right and on the left).

HTM SP curves


Mag drive pumps have a special sealless design that is suitable for pumping corrosive and dangerous liquids thanks to the high chemical resistance and to the absence of leakage and emissions. The structure is really simple and it requires very little maintenance with consequent savings in terms of repairing, spare parts and machine downtime costs during the pump life.

In magnetic pumps, there is an external magnet which is connected to the shaft of the electric motor.
The synchronous motion is transmitted from the motor to the rotor (consisting of the internal magnet and the impeller) through the external magnet. The two magnets never come into contact, they are moved by the magnetic field only. The impeller connected to the internal magnet spins around a static shaft and the liquid moves through the pump. The whole hydraulic part is hermetically sealed: in the space between the magnets there is a rear casing which closes on the pump head and prevents the pumped liquid from coming out of the pump.

The pumped liquid must be clean, without solids in suspension (max. quantity of solids: max 2% – max 1mm).

Read more about the magnetic system


• Materials available: PP or PVDF*;
• Materials in contact with the liquid: Pump housing: PP; Impeller: PP or PVDF;
O-ring: EPDM (standard for PP pumps) / VITON
(standard for PVDF pumps); Static shaft: Al2O3 99.7%; Bearing: PTFEC.
• Capacity up to 25 m3/h.
• Head up to 22 m.
• Max temperature: PP: 70° C – PVDF: 90° C.
• Max viscosity: 200 cSt.HTM SP connections
• Pressure rating: PN6 at 20° C.
• Self-priming up to 6m at sea level.
• Suction connection available in 3 welded configurations
(frontal, on the right and on the left).
*Pump housing only available in PP.

• Gas threaded In and Out connections.
• Direct starting motor.

• Baseplate.


   HTM SP is now available!

                       Contact our office at for any further information.        

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Since 1992 GemmeCotti has been manufacturing several types of high quality chemical pumps suitable for most industrial applications.

Everyday we employ all our experience to improve the existing products and to design new projects in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. We live in the present and we design the pumps of the future without forgetting where we started.

The magnetic drive centrifugal pump HTM PP/PVDF was our first product, the one which made us experts in the field of the pumping solutions.

HTM 10 mag drive centrifugal pump

Over the years we developed the series that now includes 9 sizes: HTM 4, HTM 6, HTM 10, HTM 15, HTM 31, HTM 40, HTM 50, HTM 80, HTM 100. Each size is available in two thermoplastic materials: PP (polypropylene) and PVDF.

The HTM are high-quality pumps, extremely reliable and versatile, and they are still our bestsellers.

Which are the 7 strong points of these mag drive centrifugal pumps?


The HTM pumps are manufactured in thermoplastic materials, PP or PVDF. These anti-corrosion materials are compatible with the great majority of the acids, chemicals and dangerous liquids.

Check the chemical compatibility chart


The plastic parts of our HTM are manufactured by Gemme Plast, another company in the GemmeCotti group, which is specialized in the injection moulding of plastic. Thanks to this cooperation, we can check all the raw materials used and we have total control over the moulding process.


Advantages of the magnetic drive system:

  • no mechanical seal
  • no leakage or emissions
  • no waste of liquidsHTM magnetic drive system
  • environmental sustainability
  • reliability and safety
  • low maintenance and consequent long term savings
  • no need for a pump-motor alignment

Please note that the liquid must be clean and without solids in suspension (acceptable quantity and dimensions of the solids: max 2% – max 1mm).

Discover more about the mag drive advantages


Unlike most centrifugal pumps on the market, the pump head of the HTM is secured to the bracket with 8 bolts. This feature allows the safe fastening of the pump head, ensuring the static seal and avoiding the deformation of the pump head due to the pressure.


The wide dimensions of the frontal bearings ensure the high resistance to the axial thrusts.

6.STATIC SHAFTHTM magnet and shaft

The static shaft of the mag drive centrifugal pumps HTM is made of alumina (Al2O3), an extremely robust ceramic material that ensures great stability and resistance to most hazardous liquids.


The HTM pumps series are equipped with a high magnetic coupling created with magnets made of NdFeB. Thanks to this particular feature, the internal and external magnets won’t detach from each other while the pump is operating.



    Check the technical data of our HTM




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We are pleased to announce that, starting from 2021, GemmeCotti is officially a European Union trade mark! GemmeCotti trade mark certificate

Our trade mark has been recorded in the Register of European Union trade marks n. 2021/097 of 27/05/2021 (visit the EUIPO ).

The trade mark identifies the pumps of our production certifying their origin and it is valid in all the member states of the European Union.

Moreover, this mark represents two key features of GemmeCotti: our full transparency and the quality Made in Italy of our products.

Discover more about us

GemmeCotti trade mark

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GemmeCotti supplies industrial pumps suitable to unload railroad tank cars and tanker trucks containing acids and toxic chemicals.


We offer three possible solutions for this application:

  • installation of one pump for each single tank
  • installation of the pump directly aboard the vehicle (GemmeCotti series HTM or series HCO)
  • use of the portable pump H-IBC (GemmeCotti series HTM 10)


The right pumping solution for unloading and transferring dangerous liquids from vehicles (trucks or railroad tank cars) is selected according to the chemical compatibility and the requested performances.

GemmeCotti pumps are the best choice to transfer dangerous or hazardous goods, i.e. all the substances which, due to their peculiar properties, could be harmful for the environment or the people involved.

These liquids are classified according to their characteristics and degree of danger. In Europe, the transportation of toxic chemicals is regulated by specific laws:

  • ADR: agreement concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road
  • RID: international carriage of dangerous goods by railrailroad-tank-cars
  • ADN: carriage of dangerous goods by inland waterways

GemmeCotti is proud to offer pumping solutions for the safe handling of chemicals: we supply chemical pumps suitable for the safe offloading of the great majority of dangerous or hazardous goods.

Fluids generally involved in this application:

  • ammonia
  • sulphuric acid
  • nitric acid
  • hydrochloric acid
  • sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
  • hydrogen peroxide

…and many more!

Check the chemical compatibility guide


The GemmeCotti pumps installed on means of transport and involved in the unloading process, permit to direct and move the fluids in total safety, ensuring quick execution.

For this application, GemmeCotti recommends:

  • magnetic drive centrifugal pumps series HTM PP/PVDF
  • mechanical seal centrifugal pumps series HCO

The design of these two types of centrifugal pumps, permits the safe installation both on land and aboard the vehicle, ensuring a constant flow without the risk of leakage or emissions.

Magnetic pumps series HTM PP/PVDF

Mechanical seal pumps series HCO

Another practical and effective solution is the use of the GemmeCotti portable pump series H-IBC.


GemmeCotti H-IBC has been designed as a safe and reliable mobile pump specifically for the safe unloading of IBC containers. The unit consists of a magnetic centrifugal pump HTM 10 mounted in a robust carry case, conceived to be easy to move. Thanks to its fast connections, H-IBC is a really flexible solution: the pump could be easily removed from the IBC container and placed in another one according to the requirements. This quick and efficient unit is suitable for several applications. Moreover, the pump is equipped with an electric panel and a start and stop switch for easy, quick and safe use.

Upon request, H-IBC pumps can be supplied in a premium version with wheels, for easier movement and transportation.view-h-ibc

Learn more about our portable pumps H-IBC series


To prevent damages to the pumps due to the lack of liquid, GemmeCotti supplies the dry running protection device. This device is particularly recommended during the operations of tanker unloading and for all the applications in which there is the risk of liquid shortage.

Thanks to the adjustable threshold and timer, it is possible to set up the minimum power and operation time of the device. If the power is lower than the set value, the pump will automatically stop.

Main features of the dry running protection device:

Dispositivo contro la marcia a secco - dry running protection device


Multirange 15-35A

2 set points MAX / min

Also for motors with INVERTER


More information about the device 


It is fundamental to choose the right pump model when dealing with acids or corrosive liquids. For theGemmeCotti HTM e HCO chemical pumps operations of tanker unloading, GemmeCotti suggests the use of mechanical seal centrifugal pumps or magnetic centrifugal pumps. The type of pump is selected according to the liquid to be pumped and to the requested working point.


Mag drive pumps have a sealless design that is particularly suitable to pump corrosive and dangerous liquids; the magnetic design together with the usage of anticorrosive materials, guarantees the high chemical resistance and the absence of leakage and emissions.

Moreover, the structure of magnetic drive pumps is really simple and requires very little maintenance with a consequent saving in terms of repairs and spare parts expenses during the pump life. The external magnet placed on the drive shaft transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller, which rotates and moves the fluids through the pump.


Mechanical seal centrifugal pumps are the best solution when the liquid has solids in suspension: their design with open impeller permits to transfer dirty liquids and fluids with high viscosity.

The seal of these pumps is composed of a static ring and a rotating ring placed on the pump shaft, which is directly coupled to the motor shaft. When the pump is working, the two rings’ surfaces slide together and the lubrication of the parts is granted by the pumped liquid.


GemmeCotti supplies pumps for chemicals suitable for the offloading process of tanker trucks, petrol tankers and railroad tank cars. Our industrial pumps allow you to unload the fluids with the maximum efficiency, ensuring safety, reliability and saving in terms of repairs and spare parts expenses.

Upon request, GemmeCotti pumps can be supplied with single phase motors and in ATEX version for potentially explosive areas.


Contact us:


Our sales department is available from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 12.30 to 14.00, to select the best chemical pump for your needs.

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The fish tanks of big aquariums allow the public to admire many fascinating underwater creatures. Through hundreds of windows the enchanted visitors look at the wide variety of plant and animal species which populate lakes, rivers and oceans of the planet.

Aquarium pumps

The invisible and complex pumping system of big aquariums permits the survival of aquatic species in freshwater and seawater inside the exhibition tanks. The circulation and filtration of the water is possible thanks to the pumps which direct the liquid through the filter before returning it to the tanks.

The pumping system must guarantee the quality of the water by maintaining its main chemical and physical properties in order to recreate the natural habitat of the aquatic flora and fauna.

The pumps used in these giant freshwater and saltwater aquariums must be corrosion resistant and able to pump large amounts of liquid. Moreover the pumps must be silent to avoid the risk of creating a stressful situation that could alter the normal fish behaviour.



Pumps made of thermoplastic materials are recommended for large systems pumping saltwater or freshwater.

The thermoplastic materials used in the manufacture of GemmeCotti pumps are solid and lightweight and they don’t absorb water. Certainly, the best material for the construction of saltwater pumps is polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer with a good thermal, mechanical and abrasive resistance.

The use of this anti corrosion material, instead of the installation of pumps in metallic materials, avoids the risk of dispersion of metallic particles, which could harm the health of the sea fauna.


Centrifugal pumps are the best choice for freshwater and seawater aquariums.

A centrifugal pump is made of a movable part called the impeller that forces the liquid under pressure in a desired direction.

GemmeCotti HTM 10 PP centrifugal pump


Centrifugal pumps can be designed with a particular system called magnetic drive.

Mag drive pumps have a sealless design that is particularly suitable to pump corrosive and dangerous liquids; the magnetic design together with the usage of anticorrosive thermoplastic materials, guarantees the high chemical resistance and the absence of leakage and emissions. Thanks to the total absence of emissions and leakage, the plant will always be clean; this feature coupled with the reduced maintenance required by GemmeCotti pumps, helps in keeping the plant efficient, secure and reliable.

The structure of magnetic drive pumps is really simple and requires very little maintenance with a consequent saving in terms of repairs and spare parts expenses during the pump life.

The use of mag drive centrifugal pumps in thermoplastic materials, such as GemmeCotti pumps series HTM PP/PVDF, is the best solution for working with fresh water and sea water. In particular, the smallest models of this series (HTM 4, HTM 6, HTM 10) are particularly recommended for the pumping system of big aquariums.


Check the technical data and download the complete catalogue!


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Happy retirement Luigi!

Luigi retirement

Today we celebrate Luigi, who retires after 5 years in our workshop.

After a long experience as self-employed and a successful job in the aircraft industry, Luigi started to work with us in 2016 becoming soon an expert in the production of GemmeCotti chemical pumps: he collaborated in the assembly operations and quality control of our products.

The long awaited moment has finally arrived: Luigi can’t wait to cultivate his passion for flying and parachuting!

Work won’t be the same without your laugh.

Thank you Luigi for your dedication, we wish you all the best.

Enjoy your retirement! Now the fun begins!




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GemmeCotti supplies air-operated double diaphragm pumps suitable to transfer aggressive liquids with high viscosity and solids in suspension.

HAOD air-operated double diaphragm pumps

The main feature of HAOD pumps is their versatility: these volumetric self-priming pumps are suitable for applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in water treatment plants. Moreover HAOD pumps are commonly used in dosing systems and they are usable for trucks or barrels.


HAOD pneumatic pumps installation


HAOD assure high pressures and high heads in addition to the compatibility with a wide selection of liquids. HAOD pumps are built with an anti-stalling pneumatic circuit which ensures the highest possible level of security and efficiency and doesn’t require lubricated air: the ecological design guarantees a reduction in the air consumption.
Moreover, HAOD are fast and easy to assemble without the use of special tools.

HAOD pneumatic pumps are available in several materials and dimensions: diaphragms are made of PTFE while the pump body can be manufactured in thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF) or metallic materials (stainless steel AISI 316).

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps are available in ATEX version for potentially explosive atmosphere classified zone 2 II3G.



• Available in PP, PVDF and AISI316;
• Max. Temperature:
PP: 60° C – PVDF: 95° C – AISI 316: 95°;
• Adjustable capacity and head;
• Adjustable speed without pressure loss.

• Pulsation damper.



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GemmeCotti’s Technical Department has a new specialist! Welcome Daniele!

Daniele is a mechanical expert with a lot of knowledge in the field of pumping solutions. He has been designing chemical pumps in thermoplastic and metallic materials for more than 40 years and now he is ready to bring his skills to our Company.

Daniele is an excellent addition to the GemmeCotti team: he is working hard to design new products to complete our wide range of chemical pumps.

In his free time he loves reading detective novels and riding his motorcycle all around Italy. His favorite place is Sicily: he can’t resist the taste of citrus fruits!


Welcome to GemmeCotti Daniele, we look forward to a successful journey with you!

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GemmeCotti supplies ATEX pumps for potentially explosive atmospheres. Our EM pumps are suitable to be used in ZONE 1 II2G and ZONE 2 II3G classified areas. All our pumps comply with the technical and safety requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

The Directive states that the manufacturers of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres shall draw up a written declaration of conformity of these products.


The term “ZONE 1” indicates an area where an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of air or flammable substances (gas, vapour or mist) is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally.

The term “ZONE 2” indicates an area where an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of air and flammable substances (gas, vapour or mist) is not likely to occur in normal operation. If it does occur, it will persist for a short period only.


GemmeCotti ATEX pumps for potentially explosive atmospheres EM series includes 3 metallic pumps (AISI 316) and 5 plastic pumps (PP/PVDF).

ATEX PUMPS made of stainless steel AISI 316 suitable for ATEX ZONE 1 II2G and ZONE 2 II3G:

EM-C Atex centrifugal mag drive pumps:
Max flow 32 m3/h, max head 24 mlc
EM-P Atex rotary vane mag drive pumps:
Max Flow 2100 l/h, max head 13 bar
EM-T Atex turbine mag drive pumps:
Max Flow 7 m3/h, max head 78 mlc

GemmeCotti ATEX pumps in AISI 316

ATEX PUMPS made of plastic materials PP/PVDF suitable for ATEX ZONE 2 II3G:

EM-C PP-PVDF Atex centrifugal mag drive pumps:
Flow up to 130 m3/h, head up to 48 mlc
EM-T PP-PVDF Atex turbine mag drive pumps:
Max capacity: 9 m3/h, max head: 50 mlc
EM-P PP-PVDF Atex vane mag drive pumps:
Max flow: 1000 l/h, max pressure 5 bar
EM-T SP Atex turbine self-priming pumps:
Max flow: 6 m3/h, max head 24 mlc
EM-CO Atex mechanical seal pump:
Flow up to 58 m3/h, head up to 38 mlc

GemmeCotti ATEX pumps in PP PVDF


  • Acids and bases
  • Corrosive, toxic and dangerous liquids
  • Hydrocarbons, pyrophorics and other flammables
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Refrigerants and cryogenics
  • Radioactive liquids

Our ATEX pumps are suitable for various applications and they are supplied with the ATEX certificate for ATEX ZONE 1 and 2.

You should specify the ATEX zone in your enquiry, our sales office will select the right pump according to your requirements.

All the pumps include the required protective systems.

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New year, new colleague! Luca is here!

Luca is an electrical engineering technician and after an experience as a metalworker, he decided to continue his studies to become a mechanical expert. He has recently joined our workshop and he is ready to learn all about the production of GemmeCotti chemical pumps.

He is proactive and methodical, in his free time he loves designing and creating any sort of objects, and when his project is completed, he relaxes watching tv series: he is an Anime addicted!

Good luck for all your projects and for your new adventure in GemmeCotti, Luca!

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Today we celebrate Roberto, GemmeCotti’s long-term head of production , who retires after 20 years of work.

He started to work with us in 1999, becoming soon a role model for the production workshop. Expertise and willingness are the keywords that best describe Roby, who belongs to the so-called “old school” of workmen: he put all his experience in service to the company, managing the production of GemmeCotti chemical pumps.

Thank you Roby for your dedication, now it’s time to celebrate together and to spend your time with your family doing the things you love!

We wish you all the best, happy retirement!

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Covid-19 emergency and 2021 trade shows: GemmeCotti’s update

Despite the severe lockdown and the health and safety measures, the world is still dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Italy as all over the world, the number of cases is increasing and the preventive actions don’t seem to be enough to avoid a new outbreak. The daily distressing news about the disease spreading suggests that we are really far from the end of the emergency.

Considering this dramatic situation, GemmeCotti decided to cancel its participation in all the 2020/2021 international trade shows, including the important pumps exhibition ACHEMA 2021.

Health and security are a priority for GemmeCotti and we don’t think that at the moment taking part in an exhibition abroad is safe enough for our team and our stand visitors. For this reason we are arranging a new way to show our products and factory in all safety.

We set up a think tank to update our strategies in order to connect with our customers: we are thinking about useful solutions to cross the time and space limits of traditional marketing activities.

The global situation is forcing us to rethink the concept of “trade show”: we are working on a plan of action that brings together physical space and digital communication to reach our partners directly and efficiently.

For more info…STAY TUNED!

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Welcome to GemmeCotti, Michela!

We would like to welcome Michela, who will join the Marketing team GemmeCotti.

She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature and now she’s ready to take up a career in our marketing and communication department. Football player and book lover, in GemmeCotti Michela has the opportunity to put her creativity into play: as marketing assistant she will work on the consolidation of our brand identity.

Good luck Michela, welcome to the team!

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Welcome to GemmeCotti Alice!

GemmeCotti team continues to grow! Here is Alice, new arrival for the Technical Department.

She is a student of mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Milano and she will start working in GemmeCotti as assistant for the new products.

Methodical and creative, Alice plays the flute, she loves crocheting and reading detective stories.

Good luck for your new adventure, Alice!

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Welcome Alessandro: a new arrival in GemmeCotti

It’s time to say welcome to Alessandro, who will be part of the GemmeCotti’s Technical Department,

After high school, he graduated in Energetic Engineering, with a specialization in the production of power. It’s the first experience in the pump world for Alessandro, but he is not scared of this new challenge at all.

With a character that has been forged on volleyball courts and cat scratches – he goes crazy when he sees a kitten! –  Alessandro is ready to bring his contribution to the Company.

Welcome to GemmeCotti, Alessandro!

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NPSH: a very brief explanation

NPSH (net positive suction head) is one of the main parameters to be considered when selecting a pump. But what are we referring to when we talk about NPSH? And why is it so important?
First of all, we have to distinguish two different values of NPSH: the NPSH available and the NPSH required.


The NPSH available, normally shortened as NPSHa, is a value calculated by the plant engineer. It could be roughly defined as the result of the absolute pressure of a fluid at the inlet of a pump minus the vapour pressure of the liquid. It is usually expressed in meters.


The NPSH required (NPSHr) is a value that is given by the pump supplier and describes the energy losses that often occur inside the pumps when the liquid enters through the impeller eye of the pump. The value is expressed as a head of fluid (usually in meters). This is a requirement of the pump and it depends on different factors: the design and dimensions of the impeller, the speed of the pump,
the speed of the flow rate, and so on.


As we said, NPSH is fundamental in selecting and sizing a pump. Indeed, NPSHa has to be higher than NPSHr for the pump to work properly. If not, cavitation could occur, reducing the performance of the pump and, in many cases, seriously damaging it.NPSH scheme

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon that can happen in a pump. It causes the formation of little gas bubbles inside the liquid when the system pressure goes below the vapour pressure of the fluid. These bubbles instantly collapse when the fluid is inside the impeller, beyond the impeller inlet, due to the increasing of the pressure. The collapse produces microjets with a very high impact on the impeller, which gets significantly damaged. Because the impeller is unbalanced, vibrations and all the related issues can arise: seal failure and bearings serious damaging.


For this reason, the plant engineer has to keep NPSH values in mind at all times. The pump performance curve usually includes a NPSHr graph so that the engineer can check the operating conditions. As a matter of fact, it’s necessary for the NPSHr of the pump to be lower than NPSHa in the plant. The safety margin between NPSHr and NPSHa has to be minimum of 0.5 meters.
Only if this ratio is respected the pump will work properly and cavitation will be avoided.

npsh curve 1

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HTM 100 PP/PVDF: our biggest mag-drive centrifugal pump is now available

 mag-drive centrifugal pump HTM 100

Just two months ago we had the pleasure to introduce to you our new magnetic drive centrifugal pumps HTM 80 as one of the biggest pumps with injection moulded parts in the market. But now we are getting even bigger! GemmeCotti’s mag-drive centrifugal pumps series HTM has indeed another new entry: the HTM 100 PP/PVDF. Just as her little sister HTM 80, mag-drive pump HTM 100 PP/PVDF is not machined from a block and it can reach a capacity of 130 m3/h and a head of about 50 mlc.


Performance capability:

HTM 100 is the new king size of our best seller series HTM. This centrifugal pump series, that now counts 9 sizes of pumps, can cover a range of flow from 0,5m3/h to 130m3/h and a range of head from 0,5mlc to 48mlc.


As all our HTM pumps, HTM 100 is available in thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF). These materials grant the best resistance to a lot of existing chemicals. You can find a useful compatibility guide here to find out which material better fits your liquid. Moreover, in HTM 100 all the internal plastic parts are obtained through the injection moulding process that we directly manage in our sister company Gemme Plast

Mag drive design of HTM 100:

The special design of our mag-drive centrifugal pumps without any mechanical seal has a lot of advantages, such as the prevention of any leakage of fluid and fugitive emissions, the very low maintenance and the easiest possible assembly process.

Magnetic drive pump functioning:

How does the HTM 100 work? Thanks to our magnetic drive technology it is very simple to explain. An external magnet located on the drive shaft transmits the motion to the internal magnet, that is connected to the impeller. The impeller rotates and moves the fluid through the pump. Isn’t it really easy? Furthermore, the two magnets are separated by the rear casing that creates a hermetic container for the liquid, avoiding any access from the outside.


Materials: PP; PVDF 

Maximum flow: 130m3/h

Maximum head: 48mlc

Max temperature: PP 60°C, PVDF 90°C

Max viscosity: 200cSt

Nominal pressure: 6 bar @20°C

HTM series king-size HTM 100 PP/PVDF is now available! Contact our office at for any further information.

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New mag-drive pump HTM 100: size matters!

mag-drive pump HTM 100

Another new entry in our production is going to broaden our mag-drive pumps series HTM.

The new centrifugal pump HTM 100 PP/PVDF is one of the biggest mag drive centrifugal pump with injection moulded parts in the market and it can reach 130m3/h of flow and a maximun head of about 50m.

For more details, keep follow our channels and contact us at

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A new arrival in GemmeCotti staff: welcome Federica!


We would like to officially welcome Federica, who has started to work in GemmeCotti in the last weeks.

Graduated in accountancy with a specialization in languages, Federica worked for years performing back-office activities, firstly for an insurance agency and then for a metalworking company. Here at GemmeCotti she will assist the Accounting Department, and she will take care of accounts and company documentation management.

She is Ludovica’s mom, and she loves to spend her free time with her daughter, or listening to music or… kickboxing!

We have a new fighter onboard: welcome to GemmeCotti, Federica!

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Winter Holidays 2019


Our workshop and shipping department will be closed for Winter Holidays from 24th December to 6th January 2020 included.

We will guarantee our commercial and technical assistance for all the period, except for 25th December, 26th December, 1st January, and 6th January.

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HTM 80: our new mag-drive centrifugal pump is here!

Magnetic drive pump HTM 80

Our production can now boast a new pump that widen the choice of our magnetic drive centrifugal pumps: HTM 80 PP/PVDF. This pump is the newborn in GemmeCotti and we are certainly proud to introduce a product whose size makes it unique on the market of pumps with injection moulded parts. As a matter of fact, HTM 80 is not machined from a block and it can reach a capacity of 90 m3/h and a head of 38 mlc.


Performance capability:

HTM 80 is the biggest size of HTM pumps series (magnetic drive centrifugal pumps) that consequently now cover a range of flow from 0,5m3/h to 90m3/h and a range of head from 0,5mlc to 38mlc.


HTM 80 is available in thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF) which assures high chemical resistance to most existing chemicals. All the internal plastic parts are made through injection moulding process. 

Advantages of HTM 80 injection moulded pump parts:

Compared to pumps machined from a solid block, injection moulded pumps guarantee repeatability, absence of leakage, better efficiency and, above all, higher quality. Moreover, it assures a faster delivery.    

Mag drive design:

The sealless magnetic drive design, without any mechanical seal, is the most suitable solution for pumping acids and corrosive and dangerous liquids because it is leak-proof and emission-proof. 

Magnetic drive pump functioning:

HTM 80 design is really simple. The external magnet on the drive shaft transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller, which rotates and moves the fluid through the pump. This motion transmission through magnetic joints guarantees maximum safety and efficiency.  

Advantages of magnetic drive design:

Furthermore, it’s really easy to assemble and disassemble this type of pump and the maintenance is very reduced. As a result, there’s a remarkable saving in terms of repairing and spare parts costs during pump life.


Materials: PP; PVDF 

Max flow: 90m3/h

Max head: 38mlc

Max temperature: PP 60°C, PVDF 90°C

Max viscosity: 200cSt

Max nominal pressure: 6 bar @20°C


For any further information, you can contact our office sending an email to

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Marco is here: welcome to GemmeCotti!

marco scaranari

The GemmeCotti team continues to grow! We would like to welcome Marco, who will follow the Italian market.

He received his diploma in Industrial Chemistry in Milan in 1982. His first work experience was as a technician in a chemical research laboratory. Then in 1990, he began to work in the commercial sector of field instruments (pressure switches and temperature switches, flow meters).

In 2001 he began to work with an Italian producer of screw pumps, where he gained invaluable experience in the management and development of sales networks while following the key accounts of the industrial sector (machine tools, wind-power sector, steel industry, and hydraulics).
After a brief period working with filtration plants, he arrived at GemmeCotti.

Marco is a passionate photographer and we are sure all his projects will develop perfectly.

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Training day in Turkey with our distributor

An interesting day of training with our Turkish distributor in Istanbul went!

It was a productive session, talking about GemmeCotti’s mag-drive pumps and their quality, but it was especially a great opportunity to strengthen the collaboration with a valuable partner who is helping us grow all around the world.

Should you be interested in becoming our partner and distributing our products around the world, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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Summer closing days 2019

We inform you that our workshop and shipping department will be closed for summer holidays from 10th to 25th August, 2019.

Please organize your orders accordingly.

The sales office will remain open for the entire month for quotations and technical support.


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Welcome, Giulia!

We would like to welcome Giulia to GemmeCotti, who will be handling Export Sales.

After working as a Project Manager, she decided to pursue a different path in GemmeCotti, following her interests more closely.

She will strengthen the relations with our distributors all over the world and expand our commercial network. Furthermore, she will support our Marketing Department with planning our marketing strategies.

Giulia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interpreting and Translation at the Civica Scuola in Milan. She specialized in English and French.

Languages have always been her greatest passion, and she learnt them mainly by watching movies and TV series. She loves traveling, especially to the mountains, but now in her free time she mostly travels as far as Netflix takes her.

Good luck with this new adventure in our company, Giulia!

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GemmeCotti pumps at Flowtech China 2019 in Shanghai

We GemmeCotti will join our exclusive distributor for the Chinese market Shenke Technology at the Asian’s leading trade fair for valves, pumps, and pipes Flowtech China from 3rd to 5th June 2019. This fair is a part of the big WieTec Exhibition, that takes place in Shanghai.

We will welcome you at stand 5.2H929 where we will show our Made in Italy magnetical drive pumps suitable for acids and chemicals.

Our technicians will be at your disposal at the stands to show the pumps quality and to present their main characteristics. Furthermore, they can also assist you in finding the best solution for their pumping needs.

See you soon in Shanghai!


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Pump selection: all the parameters

As pump manufacturers, we daily face with a lot of inquiries that are often not complete because of the lack of data that are essential to let us quote the correct pump solution. In order to help our customer to get their way out of the jungle of the parameters, we have defined a table of the main variables that should be considered during the pump selection. This article would like to be a light vademecum to simplify the communication requesting for a quotation.

Variables of the pump selection

The following table includes the indispensable variables that our technicians have to know during the selection. We strongly recommend our customers to communicate the following data so that we can proceed with the selection.

pump selection

Thanks to these references, our technical department will be able to select the best solution for every inquiry.

Moreover, once the selection is done, our technical department will provide the customers with some helpful derived parameters that are necessary for the plants.

Parameters confirmed by the pump technicians

Indeed, after the selection, our technicians, first of all, confirm the actual head and flow that pump can reach and the diameter of the impeller. Then they give the customers the data shown in the table below. This information let our customer be able to technically evaluate our proposal according to the construction features of the plant.

after the pump selection


Is it more clear now? Should you need any further information, please contact us at We will be glad to dissipate all your doubts.

Don’t forget to save this post in your bookmarks, in order to easily recover it! And to select the right material for the pump, take a look also at our chemical compatibility guide.



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GemmeCotti’s Christmas greetings


We remind you that our sale and technical departments will remain at your disposal for the entire holiday season in order to grant you the best support!



christmas greetings

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AODD pumps: 4 reasons to choose diaphragm pumps


AODD pumpsThe AODD pumps, Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps, appeared in the pump market for the first time about sixty years ago. Thanks to the constant technological improvement, they have managed to set themselves as the best choice for pumping high-viscosity fluids.

There are four reasons why you should prefer a double diaphragm pump as our HAOD pumps for your plant. Here they are:


    The AODD pumps find application in a wide range of installations, thanks to their versatility and to their features. For example: the ability to self-prime, the possibility to run dry, the potential to be submersible, and the possibility to pump high-viscosity fluids. Moreover they are available in different materials in order to overcome any problems of fluid compatibility.


    The design and the ease of use of the AODD pumps are among the reasons they are so appreciated in the chemical pumps market. Indeed they are often described as “plug-in-and-play” or “set-and-forget” pumps, because once installed and connected to a compressed airline they can work for themselves in full autonomy. They can be provided in a multiplicity of dimensions, easily meeting every customers’ needs.


    Thanks to its closed design, the usage of compressed air as the only power source, and its stall-prevention pneumatic system, AODD pumps are one of the safest pumping system for hazardous liquids, together with the mag-drive pumps. Moreover the ecological design of AODD pumps allows them to realize up to 60% saving in air consumption. Thanks to this saving, their impact on environment decreases significantly. Less air consumption means indeed the possibility to use smaller air compressor, with consequent energy and money saving.


    The money saving, especially in the long-period, is amongst the reasons why you should consider to select a diaphragm pump. The improvements made in diaphragms construction have indeed dramatically increased the life of the diaphragm pumps. They can work properly for years with a very low maintenance, especially thanks to their static seals. These seals maintenance indeed tends to be infrequent and inexpensive.

Have we convinced you? Visit the webpage of our HAOD in order to learn more about air operated pumps. For further information contact us at Our technical and sale departments will be glad to lead you to the best choice.

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“Best solution at right price”: GemmeCotti’s Manager interviewed by a magazine

A few days ago, our Managing Director Mr Enrico Gemme was interviewed by the renowned magazine Chemical Today, a newspaper which gives a 360° view of the chemical industry.

During the interview Mr Gemme talked in details about various topics such as the trends of the chemical pumps market also in relation with IOT technology, the growth of the Asian market and the plans for the future of our company. He revealed also the introduction of two new series of pumps by the end of this year.

In order to read the article, courtesy of Chemical Today, follow this link.

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Summer closing days 2018

We inform you that our workshop and shipping department will be closed for summer holidays from 4th to 26th August.

Please organize your orders accordingly.

The sales office will remain open for the entire month for quotations and technical support.



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We welcome Thomas!

We would like to officially welcome Thomas to GemmeCotti. He has recently started to support our Marketing Manager & QSR Cristina as Marketing Assistant.
After a past internship in marketing and communication department, during which he dealt with websites, blog and social media management, he’s decided to continue his path in this area with our company. Here, he will take care of our online corporate communication and work on the consolidation of our brand identity, so that our company and products could become more and more a symbol of reliability and quality for our customers.

Some months ago Thomas earned his Master Degree in Humanities and before that he had got a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, at the University of Milan.
Interested in local politics, he admits to be a “tv-series addicted” and an avid reader in his free time. In addition to these hobbies he’s keen on creative writing. We are sure that his passions will allow him to find the best way to convey our corporate philosophy!

Good luck for this new adventure in our company Thomas!

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ACHEMA 2018, story of a great success

From 11th to 15th June GemmeCotti participated as usual in ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt, the most important trade fair of our market field. As usual this event turned out to be a unique occasion to show our products, new many interesting new people and get new ideas for future projects.

We decided to propose again the winning solution  of the latest edition of the exhibition. So we exhibited in our stand all the magnetic drive pumps (centrifugal, turbine, vane pumps), the mechanical seal pumps and the vertical pumps.

In this way, a big number of people could see almost the entire production, while drinking a good Italian coffee offered by our staff.  Every single pump was presented in details by our technicians Brian and Matteo and the Sales Manager Eleonora Passalacqua. They answer gladly to every single question of faithful customers and new potential partners.

Also the Managing director Mr Enrico Gemme was always present at the stand. He’s really thrilled about the results that we had:

“This ACHEMA edition was a great success for our company. We had many many people in our stand interested in our pump production and showing appreciation for the products quality and the service offered by GemmeCotti staff. GemmeCotti brand is confirmed once again worldwide leader in the chemical pumps market”

Here are some photos:

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Visit our stand at ACHEMA exhibition

ACHEMA exhibition, the most important event for the industrial pump market. This year will take place from 11th to 15th June in Frankfurt, Germany. As always we are not going to miss the opportunity to be there and show most of our pumps production. If you will be there too, we are happy to invite you to our stand C 41 in Hall 9.0 where you’ll have the opportunity to discover GemmeCotti brand new products!

We decided, indeed, to present for the first time our new pumps and new technological solutions during this ACHEMA 2018. Don’t miss the chance to be among the first to see GemmeCotti two new pump series and learn more about them directly from our technicians.

GemmeCotti is very happy to take part in the world biggest trade fair for chemical process industries once again. This important appointment always gives us the chance to get know new customers, to meet many of our well-known friends and partners and to stay updated about the ultimate technologies.

ACHEMA has reached its 32nd edition and without a doubt is the leading world forum and trade show for the process industries today. With 166.000 participants from 100 countries all over the world, 3800 exhibitors and more than 128.000 visitors in 2015, this trade show is the perfect occasion to showcase all our old and new products!

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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From 5th to 7th June 2018 GemmeCotti will attend the trade show SURFACE TECHNOLOGY in Stuttgart – Germany.
In our stand B73 HALL 001 we’ll exhibit all GemmeCotti main products and in particular the pumps which are commonly used and appreciated for surface treatment applications.
Come and visit us to learn more about our products and find out which pumps are more suitable for your specific needs.
See you at our stand!

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Our Cooking Contest ended few days ago and it’s finally time to announce the winner! We received a lot of recipes and we would like to take this opportunity to thank once again everyone who participated in our contest sending us their own favorite recipes.
GemmeCotti team has already voted and now it’s time to know who will win amazing prizes.
We remind you that person who obtained the first place wins a wonderful kitchen apron with GemmeCotti logo and will see his/her recipe published at the bottom of this article, on our social media pages and on our newsletter. Also the second and the third-best will be awarded with the apron, and they will appear together in a narrower space on our newsletter and social media pages.
But, given the great amount of recipes we received, we decided to award with the GemmeCotti apron also the fourth and the fifth- best recipes that gained very high scores by our team for their originality, delicacy and taste. We also decided to award with a special prize the recipe with the best look.
So here are names of the winners of the different categories:
1° PLACE: Little puff pastry roses – Alessandra P.
2° PLACE: Cheesecake – Martina A.
3° PLACE: Focaccia – Chiara C.
4° PLACE: Layered wonton dessert – Mia S.
5° PLACE: Pfannkuchen – Ulrike N.
SPECIAL PRIZE FOR DESIGN/LOOK: Gingerbread house – Chiara Z.
And here there is the recipe of the first-best recipe who conquered GemmeCotti team for the easiness of the realization and good look:
Little puff pastry roses by Alessandra P.

Ingredients for 6 people (one each person):
•90g of cheese
•1 pack ready-rolled puff pastry
•1 pack Italian smoked ham “speck”
•Preheat the oven to 180°C.
•Cut the puff pastry in stripes of about 5 cm.
•Lay a slice of speck on every puff pastry stripe.
•Lay 3 or 4 thin slices of cheese distributed on every speck slice.
•Flip the edge of the puff pastry at the bottom to obtain a border.
•Roll up every stripe as to form a little rose.
•Lay the puff pastry rose in fluted paper baking cups (like the ones you use for cupcakes) and position them in a cupcake baking tray.
•Put into the oven for about 30 minutes @ 170°C
•Serve in the paper baking cups.
And…Buon appetito!

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Internships in GemmeCotti

Thanks to the recent school reform, students attending high school can benefit from the initiative called “Work-Study Program”. This is a great opportunity offered to teenagers to spend some weeks working in various companies and learning about the working life. GemmeCotti believes that this project could really give big benefits to the young people for their future. That’s why for more than 10 years we have been in contact with local high schools and we have been hosting many students in our offices for short internships. Now, thanks to the “Work-Study Program”, GemmeCotti could made itself regularly available for welcoming these young people.
Cristina – Marketing Manager in GemmeCotti: “This kind of activity allows young people both to understand the working life in a company and to experience a different world made of responsibilities and activities they are not accustomed to. GemmeCotti team shows to these students the various aspects of the company and guides them to do easy activities by themselves.”

We interviewed two of our most recent students, Giorgia and Nicola. They’re both attending the last year but in two different kinds of school. Giorgia was interested in the account and marketing office, while Nicola in the technical office.

Cristina: “What did you do during the weeks spent in GemmeCotti?”
Giorgia: “I could join the colleagues of the sales office and closely observe how they prepared invoices, quotations, shipping documents and all kind of documentation necessary to sell the products. Concerning marketing I actively performed some tasks as for example searching for new prospects and update the data base regarding active customers.”
Nicola: “In the technical office I had the chance to see how the technicians designed new pumps and all their parts with 3D design software. Moreover, I assisted to a lot of pump tests, that are necessary to check the correct functioning of the pumps and their performances.” internship GemmeCotti 2
Cristina: “Did you felt at ease here in our company?”
Nicola: “Yes! Despite being busy with their everyday work, the team has always found enough time to guide me through different tasks. It has been a very satisfying experience.”
Giorgia: “Yes, the relationships with the colleagues were very good in my opinion. I felt comfortable with all my colleagues, who were very kind and helpful.”
Cristina: “What do you think about this experience in general?”
Giorgia: “I think I’ve learned a lot of things and not only concerning professional issues: for example, I’ve understood that personal commitment is always necessary in order to obtain good results.”
Nicola: “This experience allowed me to better comprehend the company core business, the possible job roles, the different working approaches and I could also learn new tasks. I’m happy I could see the real working environment first-hand because I’ll have to do with it in a few years.”

We are happy that these two young people had a satisfying experience in GemmeCotti and we hope we could host many other willing students like Georgia and Nicola in the future.

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A contribute for a special gift to children

This year, GemmeCotti decided to support an initiative which is important for us and we made a special gift to children.
We contributed to a fundraiser organized by a non-profit organization called “Comocuore”. They are located in Como and since 1985 they have been promoting initiatives with the aim to reduce death rate due to heart deseases. The word “Cuore” in Italian actually means “heart”.
Thanks to the initiative called “Missione Cuore” (“Heart Mission”) we bought walnuts to contribute to the donation of 50 defibrillators to many schools in our territory. It’s very important for us to know that these defibrillators could save children’s lives, making our schools a safer place for them.
If someone else is interested in sustaining Comocuore, you could find more info at the following website:

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GemmeCotti welcomes Brian!

We would like to officially welcome Brian, who joined GemmeCotti team only a few days ago! Brian will work in the technical office, where he will deal with pump design and R&D.

Brian has already gained some working experience in the energy field. However, his professional interests were different because he has always wanted to work closer to the industrial environment.
We are sure that in GemmeCotti he will have the chance to achieve his objectives. Here in our company, Brian can assist his colleagues of the technical office in a lot of different activities: developing projects with 3D software, checking the final products performances, improving existing products and designing new ones.

Before starting his working career, Brian got a Master Degree in Energy Engineering at Politecnico of Milan. In particular, his graduate thesis was about chemical-energy issues.
In his free time, Brian practices a lot of sport. He likes jogging and calisthenics, a discipline that is still little known in fitness. It consists in performing some gymnastics exercises without using any kind of tool and it aims at improving body strength and flexibility. We are sure that Brian will always be fit enough to deal with everyday working tasks.

We wish you a good job Brian!

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Closing days for Winter Holidays

We inform you that our workshop and shipping department will be closed for Winter Holidays from 23th December to 7th January 2018 included.

Our sales office will be available for quotations and technical support from 27th to 29th December and from 2nd to 5th January 2018 included.


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Participate in our Cooking Contest!

Have you been cooking our recipes in GemmeCotti newsletter for years? Or you simply like cooking? As we are Italians, we are not only chemical pumps specialists, but we also love cooking and good food. That’s why we decided to launch a competition called Cooking Contest! 

Take part in our contest and show us what you can do with burners, oven, knives and a bit of fantasy.
You could win an exclusive apron with GemmeCotti logo and other fantastic prizes. Moreover, you could have the chance to see your recipe published on our website, social networks and become the protagonist of the next GemmeCotti newsletter.

You only have to send us an e-mail with the recipe you prefer and a photo of the dish cooked by you. Don’t be afraid: you can participate with any kind of dish, both salty or sweet.
There is only one rule: the photo of the dish must whet our appetite!

When you prepare your favorite dish, you only have to take a picture, write down the recipe and send it to
The contest is open to everybody who wants to take this challenge. It doesn’t matter if you found out about us by chance on the internet today or if you are an old customer, partner or supplier: the contest is free of charge and no subscription is needed.

Follow the development of the competition on our social media pages!  FACEBOOK LINKEDINTWITTER
Have you already subscribed to our social media pages? What are you waiting for?

Do you have questions? Read the complete guidelines below: you can find all info you need.



To participate in the contest you only have to send your favorite recipe and a photo of the dish you cooked to GemmeCotti We won’t accept incomplete e-mails with photo or recipe only. You can choose any kind of recipe, both salty or sweet and both Italian or international.


The person who will send us the best recipe will win a GemmeCotti kitchen apron and will have the possibility to see his/her recipe published on the news section of our website (, on our social media pages and on our newsletter. Also the second and the third-best will be awarded with the apron too, and they will appear together in a narrower space on our website, newsletter and social media pages in the following months. The recipes will be published both in English and Italian languages, translated by us.


The contest is open to everybody in all countries. No subscription is necessary: you only need to send us an e-mail to with your recipe and the photo of your dish.


The contest will last until 28th February 2018 included.

We will announce the winners on our website (news section) and on all our social networks in the following days.


GemmeCotti team will be the jury for this contest.

Every single employee will assign some points to the recipe according to the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Cooking simplicity: the preparation time should not exceed 1 hour and a half and the recipe should have a medium-low cooking difficulty level (max. 10 points);
  2. Presentation: the more the photo of the dish is inviting the more it will receive points (max. 10 points).

In this way, every recipe could gain a maximum of 20 points. Then, we will average all the employees’ scores and the recipe with the higher score will win the first prize. In case two or more people with the same higher score, we will consider every one of them as winners. The same will happen also for the second and the third place, so there might be more than one second and third place.


A person who should send us not pertaining contents will be disqualified and will be no more able to take part in the contest. A person who should sent us offensive contents for the company or others participants will be immediately disqualified.


GemmeCotti reserves the right to use the contest you send us. The winner, the second and the third-best will be mentioned on the news section of our website, on our newsletter and on our social networks (we will show only the name without the surname. In case there will be identical names among the winners, we will write only the first letter of the surname). The participants’ recipes will be stored on our social media and eventually saved by GemmeCotti S.r.l.

For any info you can contact us @

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See you at Chem Show New York

From 31st October to 2nd November 2017 GemmeCotti will attend Chem Show 2017 . The trade show will take place in New York, at the Javits Convention Center. 

GemmeCotti will take part in the exhibition joining a local distributor. Come and visit our stand  No. 500, HALL A to see the main models of our pumps and ask us information about our products and our company.

Chem Show is currently the major north American event exclusively focused on the processing of fluids, powders and gases. This edition will be the 57th and it is a not-to-be-missed appointment for companies which deal with the chemical process industry.

 This year there will be more than 300 exhibitors which will show their products to the expected 5000 visitors. GemmeCotti could not miss this important event dedicated to processing technology to show its chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids.

See you at our stand!


– Location: Javits Convention Center – 655 W 34th St. – New York, NY 10001

– Dates and opening hours: 31st Oct. and 1st Nov.: from 10am to 5 pm; 2nd Nov.: from 10am to 3pm

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Welcome to GemmeCotti Eleonora B.

We would like to officially welcome Eleonora B. in GemmeCotti team. Eleonora is working in the marketing department from the beginning of September 2017 in the role of Marketing Assistant, supporting our Marketing Manager & RSQ Cristina.

Thanks to different previous internships, Eleonora gained experience in the B2B marketing and communication area, for example in social media and websites management, marketing research, CRM, event organization and more. In GemmeCotti she is still working in the same department, both dealing with our online corporate communication and with all the marketing activities. We are sure that it will have a positive impact in the further development of our communication with customers.

Eleonora earned her Master Degree in Communication with specialization in Marketing Management and before that she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages with specialization in Communication. In particular, Eleonora studied English, German and Spanish languages and her skills will be particularly useful with foreign customers.
Eleonora’s hobbies are music and photography, so, we are sure that our customers will soon appreciate even more GemmeCotti’s new photos and videos!

Good luck for this new adventure in our company Eleonora!

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A new master degree for our Eleonora P.

When you had been working for several years in a particular job role, it can be difficult to be as dynamic and curious as the beginning. The job activity changes in time and the employees need to be up-to-date regarding their own working environment. That’s why many companies around the world decide to give its employees some training opportunities, like for example the Executive Masters.
GemmeCotti decided to give her Italian Sales Manager Eleonora P. this opportunity. She started her 9-month long master in Sales Management at the Business School of “Il Sole24 Ore”, a very important Italian organization leader in economic, financial and regulatory information based in Milan.
During the courses Eleonora had the chance to learn new things and deepen her competences in the commercial field thanks to the experienced teachers, the interesting entrepreneurs’ speeches and the debates with her “classmates”.Eleonora master degree

“The course was very interesting and formative.” says Eleonora “Above all I appreciated how the master improved my way of working by changing my point of view on the daily tasks. I understood how people work in different business and sharing our experiences really opened my mind. I’d like to thank all the teachers, the organizers, my colleagues and above all GemmeCotti that gave me this fantastic opportunity”.

For GemmeCotti the employees’ training is very important and that’s why we are organizing other professional courses for our team. Every person will have the chance to improve his/her own skills thanks to specific trainings concerning the employee’s role. We believe that this kind of initiative is fundamental for the growth of our business.


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Meet us at EXPOQUIMIA 2017

From 2nd to 6th October 2017 we will attend EXPOQUIMIA 2017 that will take place in Barcelona, Recinto Gran Via Venue. Come and visit us, we will be happy to meet you at our stand Nr. 158 – Hall 2, Street A, Level 0.

GemmeCotti stand at Expoquimia 2017

Expoquimia has reached its 18th edition and 52 years of history, becoming one of the most important fair trades in Europe for the chemical industry. Expoquimia is part of the Barcelona Industry Week and will coincide with the World Chemical Summit, that will take place on the 4th and 5th October in Barcelona.

In 2017 there will be over 300 exhibitors from many different chemical branches, covering almost all the industrial applications. The event will take place in the 15.025 m2 of the pavilion 2 and 3 of the Recinto Gran Via de Fira de Barcelona.

Expoquimia wants to show the “Chemistry for the future” and GemmeCotti perfectly personifies and represents the “Technologically advanced Chemical Pumps Design”.

We are looking forward to meeting you there to show you our complete pump production from the smallest pump (0,5 m3/h) to the biggest model (up to 130 m3/h).

See you at our stand!

Expoquimia 2017

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25 Years together, my thanks go to you!

“On the occasion of the GemmeCotti’s 25th anniversary, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have contributed, during these years, to the growth of the company.
It’s very touching for me to think back to more than 25 years ago, when Marino Cotti and I started dreaming about founding a company together. At that time, we were hoping to reach the top, to be able to build a profitable and long-lasting business, but the reality went beyond our best expectations. If I think about all the efforts we made to reach the current position, and about the fact that we started with only a few resources, what I can see today looks even better.

Remembering the past, I went through our old catalogues and I realized even more how much time has passed and how much GemmeCotti grew and developed during these years. From the first pumps we sold as simple distributors to the first series entirely designed and produced by us. The company has changed deeply and so our products. We started with only few models and today we are able to provide about twenty different series with more than 400 pumps variations.

 Old catalogues


We were born as a small company which supplied pumps only for the Italian market but today, after 25 years, our products are sold in 87 countries around the world. From then we have really improved our business. Thinking about our pumps being used and appreciated by customers located on the other side of the world makes me very proud.

It has been mainly a team-job. I couldn’t have reached such a great result alone, without the indispensable collaboration of the ones who day-by-day are committed to working with us and for us.
Firstly, my heartfelt thanks goes to all of GemmeCotti’s collaborators’. All the employees and personnel have achieved this important success with passionate dedication and enthusiasm for the work and the company. Your attachment to GemmeCotti and your spirit of collaboration are inestimable.

I dedicate a special thanks to all of our partners and suppliers. If we achieved this great result, is also thank to your precious contribution and your tight cooperation. You always do your best in order to satisfy our production needs and you always work close to us sharing your know-how, resources and ideas.

I also wanted to thank all of our customers for choosing and trusting us. We often find good friends and valuable partners in our customers. With your support, you allowed us to celebrate this 25th anniversary and I’m sure that you’ll still rely on us for your business necessities.

Last but not least, I would like to thank anybody who, in some way, decided to support us in these 25 years. Thanks to all of you for your contribution, big or small.

I firmly believe that with our commitment and your collaboration we can meet and celebrate many others “birthdays” together.

Enrico Gemme


Enrico Gemme
Managing Director GemmeCotti srl

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Our 25th Anniversary!

This year GemmeCotti celebrates its 25th anniversary! It’s an important milestone for our company, that since 1992 has been supplying high quality chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids to the customers, which operate in many different industries.

Today we boast a leading position in the market of chemical pumps thanks to our wide range of products in addition to the professionalism and reliability of pumps and services.

This goal has been achieved thanks to the constant dedication that our team put day after day in the work, which allowed GemmeCotti to celebrate this important anniversary.

This 25th “birthday” encourage us both to recall our past successes and winning choices and to set new ambitious and challenging goals for the future to come.

Last but not least, we take this opportunity to thank all our suppliers and partners for their valuable collaboration and contribution during these years and our customers for always choosing GemmeCotti.

GemmeCotti 25 anni

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Summer closing days

We inform you that our workshop and shipping department will be closed for summer holidays from 7th to 25th August. Please organize your orders accordingly. The sales office will remain open for the entire month for quotations and technical support.


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Our new website is online!

It’s finally time to show GemmeCotti new website with its new and updated content and design.
All the products are presented in details with technical descriptions, drawings, catalogues and videos. But, what is more important is that the new website has been created with responsive design and you can have access to all the content not only from your PC but also from your mobile phone or any other mobile device that you have. If you are at the plant site or in your workshop with no access to your computer you can now easily look at pumps dimensions, sectional drawings and all the other technical information in just few clicks.

Welcome to the new

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Warehouse management, the first step for a good service

A good sales service for a chemical pump company does not depend only on how the sales office or the customer service interact with the client but many more factors plays an important role on the satisfaction of the customer. We can say that all the pump factory management has an impact on the sales process but one of the factors which has a direct impact on the customer is the warehouse management of pumps and spare parts.
Having an organized and well managed warehouse is the first step for a good service to the customer from the first quotation to the supply of spare parts for the pump maintenance. As a matter of fact, if the stock situation is clear it is possible to indicate in all the quotations precise delivery dates so that the customer can correctly schedule the pump installation. After placGemmeCotti warehouse managementing order, the customer can be informed step by step about the status of the pumps, if the pumps are ready on stock or if the delivery can take some days. Moreover, it is essential to have the main spare parts always on stock in case of urgent orders of pumps or spare parts for maintenance and repair, in this way the customer can receive the products quickly and avoid useless long plant shutdowns.
GemmeCotti pays great attention to the aspect of the warehouse management but many companies ignore this part because it is considered a waste of time. This choice can seem true on a short period of time, but in the long run there will be many problems with consequent bigger waste of time to solve issues caused by a poor management. If a company wants to develop, the warehouse management is really important because, in addition to the positive aspects for the customer, it avoids excessive capital being tied up, optimization of the available space and on the long run a cost reduction.
First of all it is necessary to codify all the parts and keep tracks of the quantities. Then the parts should be rationally organized to make the management more rapid and effective, in addition to the obvious space optimization and cleanliness.
Once the warehouse is well organized it is also very important to keep the everything in order. To do so, a software can help the management of the stock but it is important to choose the right software in accordance with the real needs of the company in order to get more benefits.
The warehouse management in GemmeCotti has recently being checked and improved for an even better service to the customer and a bigger pumps availability on stock. If the customer is in urgent need for a chemical pump, we are ready to satisfy him in no time.


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Magnetic drive pumps experts

GemmeCotti manufactures high quality Magnetic Drive Pumps suitable to handle chemicals and corrosive liquids. Our pumps are usually made in PP, PVDF or AISI316 but for special projects we can also offer pumps made in Hastelloy or Titanium.
They can be used in many different applications: chemical plants, waste water treatment, air treatment, galvanic industry, printed circuit boards production, biotechnology, heat exchangers, photography, textile industries, food industries, aquariums and many more.

We offer different kind of magnetic drive pumps which cover a wide range of performances and pumping solutions: mag drive sealless centrifugal pumps, mag drive turbine pumps, mag drive vane pumps

Among the magnetic drive sealless centrifugal pumps there are:

Sealless mag drive pumps - GemmeCotti


HTM PP/PVDF – mag drive pumps in platic

Capacity up to 50 m3/h
Head up to 35 mlc
Temperatures: PP 0°/ 70°C PVDF 0 / 100°C
Materials available: PP or PVDF

Click here to read more about HTM PP/PVDF


mag drive centrifugal pump HCM
HCM PP/PVDF – mag drive pumps machined from a block

Capacity up to 130 m3/h
Head up to 48 mlc
Temperatures: PP 0°/ 70°C PVDF 0 / 100°C
Materials available: PP or PVDF
Pump head machined from a block

Click here to read more about HCM PP/PVDF



magnetic drive pump in AISI316

 HTM SS 316 – mag drive centrifugal pump in AISI316

Capacity up to 32 m3/h
Head up to 24 mlc
Temperatures: from -40°C to 200°C
Material available: AISI 316

Click here to read more about HTM SS 316


Main advantages of sealless mag drive pumps:

  1. Sealless design without mechanical seals
  2. Hydraulic part hermetically closed
  3. No leakage or emissions
  4. No maintenance costs
  5. Long life-time
  6. No need of motor/pump alignment
  7. Safe and reliable pumps

Contact our sales department for further information


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Pressure vs head, what is the difference?

The pump selection of a pump is driven by the following main parameters:
– Head (H)
– Flow rate (Q)
– Fluid characteristics (ρ, γ, T ….)
Sometimes head can be confused with pressure during pump choice. As a matter of fact there is a strict relation between them which is defined by the fluid specific gravity, so the relation is fluid dependent. So what is the difference between pressure and head?

Definition of head and pressure

Head is the height given by the pump to the fluid and it is measured in meters of liquid column [m.l.c.] or simply indicated in meters [m]. The given head is fluid independent: different fluids
with different specific gravities are all lifted at the same height.
Pressure, instead, is fluid dependent and it is affected by the liquid density. In fact the force of a fixed height liquid column over a unitary area will change with different specific gravities. So in this case the same head generates different pressures.

Measurements: Pressure or Head?

Head is not directly measured. Manometers on the pump suction and delivery line give the measure of the pressure. Measurements given by manometers indicate differential pressures imposed by the pump between suction and discharge. These measures are read in [bar] [atm] [psi] [ft H2O] etc.. Specific gravity γ has to be considered to evaluate the correspondent head.

Conversions & Practical Example

As stated before, the same pump at the same working point will give always the same head with different pressures in accordance with the density γ of the working fluid.
For example, a mag drive centrifugal pump HTM 10 working at a given point Q= 7.5 m3/h H = 10 mlc operating with water and concentrated H2SO4 gives the same head (H=10m) to water ( γ= 1kg/dm3) and to sulfuric acid (γ = 1.8kg/dm3), while measurements of differential pressures between suction and delivery will be:

equazione pressione 12

The mathematical relationship is reported in the following equation:

equazione pressione 1
Also power consumption is influenced by the previous relationship of pressure, as:

equazione pressione 2curve pressure

Notes for technicians

– Previous relations are valid for low viscosity fluids (water equivalent), along with increasing viscosity, pump performances have to be reduced using pump derating rules.
– At a fixed rotational speed a centrifugal pump generates head related to the flow rate following its characteristic curve.
– The computation of the needed head that should be delivered by the pump, is not so straight as the evaluation of the desired height difference. Needed Head is composed by the following terms:

  • Geodetic head: difference between suction and delivery height expressed in meters of liquid column

equazione pressione 3

  • Difference between absolute pressure of the delivery and suction reservoir

equazione pressione 4

  • Distributed and concentrated friction losses also expressed in m.l.c.
    equazione pressione 5
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Among the first to be certified to the new ISO 9001:2015!

“Quality” is a key word for GemmeCotti, this is why we are an ISO 9001 certified company since 2007. Recently our Quality Management System has been updated to the new ISO 9001:2015, making us one of the first companies in Italy to be certified to the new quality standards. This is a clear proof of our dedication to constant improvement and desire to offer high quality service and products.
GemmeCotti is constantly becoming more and more efficient and the customer satisfaction is always our strong focus. With the main desire to meet customers’ expectations and offer them the best support and top-level products, we aim to continuously improve every business process: from the technical and production department, to the marketing and sales office.
Every aspect is developed and organized so that the company can be competitive and flexible on the pump market and can maintain the position of leading supplier of chemical pumps.

Check out our new certificate here.

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GemmeCotti pumps at IE-expo Shanghai

GemmeCotti chemical pumps will be exhibited at the Asian’s leading trade fair for environmental technology solutions IE-EXPO Shanghai from 5th to 7th May 2016.

You are welcome to visit our stand HALL N1 BOOTH 1763 where we will show our magnetic drive pumps suitable for acids and chemicals which are completely Made In Italy.

Our technicians will be available at the stand to show the pumps quality and to present the main characteristics. They can also help you to find the best solutions for your pumping needs.

See you in Shanghai!

Gemmecotti at ie-expo

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6 reasons to choose GemmeCotti chemical pumps

For more than 20 years we have been pursuing one main goal: design and produce magnetic pumps which meet the customers’ needs. That’s what drives us and makes us world-leader in the field of chemical pumps. So what are the characteristics of GemmeCotti pumps which make them unique and so appreciated by customers the world over?

1- Wide range of pumps among which the customer can choose. We have more than 400 pump variations so that we can always offer to the customer the right solution for his application. Each pump is customized according to many variables:

2- High quality pump materials. It’s important for us to offer the highest quality possible that’s why we choose only the best materials (Polypropylene, PVDF and AISI316) which can resist corrosion and which are suitable to pump almost every existing chemical. You can check out our chemical compatibility chart for more information and to select the right pump material for your application.

3- Best pump design for pumping chemicals. Magnetic drive pumps have a simple sealless design which is the ideal solution when handling chemicals and acids. The hydraulic part of the pump is hermetically closed so there is absolutely no leakage and emission of fluid. This is an essential characteristic because mag drive pumps guarantee safety for both workmen and the environment. Moreover the absence of any seal makes the pump highly reliable eliminating the maintenance and repair costs.

Typical pump design: The external magnet of the pump is placed on the motor shaft and when rotating it transmits the motion to the internal magnet thanks to the magnetic attraction of the two joints. The internal magnet is connected to the impeller which spins and moves the fluid through the pump. The external magnet and inner magnet are separated by a rear casing that creates a hermetic containment of the liquid that has no access to the outside.

Mga drive pumps

4- Chemical pumps completely Made in Italy. We are an Italian manufacturer and we are proud to offer high quality pumps designed, assembled and tested directly in our workshop. The pump parts are made and machined by our Italian suppliers all located near our factory. So, for us, suppliers play an important role in the resulting quality of the pumps. That’s why we choose and qualify them through a strict qualification process and we keep a close relationship with everyone in order to assure the highest quality of each pump part and consequently of the complete chemical pump assembly.

5- Every pump is checked and tested before delivery. What is the best way to assure the pump quality than try it personally? We perform rigorous tests during the whole assembly process according to ISO9001 based quality control standards. That is not all. We want to achieve zero defect rate, which is why we test every single pump at our test bench before delivery to our customer to check both the performances and the correct functioning.

6- Chemical pumps suitable for many applications. GemmeCotti industrial pumps can be used in various applications where chemicals, acids, dangerous liquids are involved, such as: chemical industries, waste water treatments, galvanic industries, surface treatments (zinc-plating, silver-plating, coppering galvanic treatments, chemical nickel plating) in machines and equipment for the printing industry, in machines for tanning industries, for printed circuit boards production, in scrubbers, air treatment plants, petrochemical and oil & gas industry, for biofuel handling, in textile industry, food industry and in bottling machines. Moreover GemmeCotti mag drive pumps can be used also for pumping salty water and water containing detergents.


Contact our sales department and we will help you choose the right pump for your application.



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GemmeCotti’s Italian suppliers: quality 100% MADE IN ITALY

GemmeCotti pumps are 100% MADE IN ITALY. They are designed, assembled and tested in our workshop, while the pump parts are made and machined by our suppliers, all Italians and located near our company. So, for us, the suppliers play an important role for the resulting quality of the pumps. That’s why we choose and qualify them through a strict qualification process and we keep a close relationship with them in order to assure the highest quality of each pump part and consequently of the complete pump assembly.
If GemmeCotti suppliers are so important, why don’t we introduce them to our customers? That’s what we thought and what convinced us to make a video interview with some of them. We contacted our mould supplier and our injection molded parts supplier and they happily accepted our request to film their companies and to make a short interview with them.
So now we are proud to introduce our Italian suppliers who, thanks to their vast experience in their field, help us to produce high quality pumps completely made in Italy.

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In Gemmecotti we believe in Equal Opportunity to build the future

In our Company 45% are women and 55% are men. Women aren’t relegated in minor roles as happens often in our country. In our team women have important decisional roles because we believe in Equal Opportunity principle.
If people , regardless of gender, feel themselves recognized for their expertise and are free to express their potential, the whole company will benefit.
Women have grown in our company and they were able to grow our business over the years.
That’s why in GemmeCotti women occupy decision-making roles and have responsibilities and that ‘s why you will find female staff always professional and competent even in sales department that is often dominated by men.

In Italy there are many laws on Equal Opportunities ,( Code of Equal Opportunities between men and women ( Legislative Decree 11 April 2006 , 198 ) ), especially thanks to the important imput derived From European Norm that inserted Equal Opportunities between the Fundamental Principles. ( Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union , Nice 2000 , art 21 , art 23).

The company plays an important role in the application of the principle of equal opportunities , but often it is left to the voluntary initiative of the entrepreneur that is not supported by the institutions. In our country woman are paid 20 % less then men for the same job and many are the discrimination against women so we believe that it is important to talk about Equal Opportunities.

GemmeCotti staff

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How to read a pump curve

If you are new in the pump field, reading a pump performance curve (usually just called “pump curve”) can be difficult and sometimes confusing. That’s why we want to help you by offering a simple guide for a first approach to a pump curve.

What is a pump performance curve and why do you need to know how to read it?

A pump curve is a graphical representation of the performance of a pump based on the tests of the pump manufacturer. Every pump has its own curve and it varies very widely from pump to pump. The variation depends on many factors such as the kind of pump (centrifugal pump, turbine pump, vane pump etc.), size and shape of the impeller. Pump curves can be used to provide many information of pump performance and absorbed power which are important for a user to determine the working point and motor power and size.

What information can I find on a pump curve?

1- In the simplest and widely used pump curve (commercial multi-pump curve) you can see two vital pump performance factors: flow and head.

The flow or capacity (Q) is measured in m3/second according to the international standards but usually you can find it expressed in m3/h, l/min or gpm (in the US). It is the volume of liquid moved in an amount of time. On the curve below (Picture 1) you can see the flow marked in red on the horizontal axis.

The head (H) is the height at which a pump can raise a liquid up. It is measured in meters (m or mlc meter of liquid column) or feet and you can see it marked in blue on the vertical axis on the picture below.

Pump performance curve with flow and head


How can you read this pump curve?

To select the right pump model you should, first of all, identify the capacity and the head needed for  your system.

If you need for example a flow of 15 m3/h at 20 m you can find the right pump curve and consequently the right pump in the intersection of the two red arrows in the chart. In the example below the pump suitable is magnetic drive centrifugal pump model HTM 31.



The curve enables you to see how the pump will perform at any given point within its performance range. For example, the same pump model HTM 31 at 15 m3/h will produce a head of 20 m, or at 24 m of head the pump will generate a flow of 8 m3/h.

Once you have chosen the right pump type whether centrifugal, turbine, vane or any other, you can study in details the specific curve of the selected pump model with other technical information.

2– In picture 2 you can see an example of a centrifugal pump curve (HTM 31 PP/PVDF) with additional details than curve in picture 1 such as for example the impeller diameter (curve A circled in red), the NPSHr (curve B) and the absorbed power (curve C). In some case you can also find the pump efficiency.  This kind of curve is usually used by pump manufacturers to select the correct pump model among their set of performance curves.

Performance curve centrifugal pump


How can you read this pump curve?

In the title box at the top you can find the pump model, the number of poles of the motor, the frequency, the RPM and the pump material (selected according to the liquid to pump).

In curve A you can see the flow and head as described in the paragraph above but there is also a reference of the impeller diameter. For this pump model the available impeller diameters vary from a  minimum of   110mm to a maximum of 134 mm. The impeller would be trimmed by the manufacturer to whatever diameter needed to meet your conditions of service. If the impeller selection is 122 mm at a flow of 10 m3/h the head is about 19 mlc. The manufacturer would determine the proper impeller diameter for your conditions and trim it to the correct diameter.

Curve A - centrifugal pump

In curve B you can see the NPSHr of the pump measured in meters or feet in accordance with the capacity required. This is the minimum head at the suction of the pump that allows the pump to work properly. If sufficient NPSH available is not supplied by the plant (NPSHa) the pump will cavitate and this will affect both the performance and the pump lifetime. In case of 10m3/h capacity you have to find the intersection with the curve of the selected impeller diameter and read the value on the left.

Curve B - centrifugal pump

In curve C you can find  the absorbed power required for pumping a liquid with a SG of 1. Once determined the impeller diameter and the flow you can find the intersection where you can read the absorbed power, which is necessary to determine the relevant motor power.

Curve C - centrifugal pump

The correct selection of a pump using a pump curve is essential to permit a proper working of your system. A working point too far out on the curve, or too far back, can cause damage to the pump, excessive energy consumption, poor performance and pump failure.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us



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Video: how to assemble and disassemble magnetic drive turbine pump HTT

Here is the new GemmeCotti video tutorial: how to assemble and disassemble magnetic drive turbine pump series HTT PP/PVDF. Enjoy!


Magnetic drive regenerative turbine pumps series HTT are made of thermoplastic non-metallic materials (polypropylene-PP and PVDF) and are suitable to pump high corrosive and dangerous liquids. Thanks to the innovative sealless mag drive system, pumps model HTT reduce risks of leakage and emissions and the maintenance costs are very low. The transmission of the motion occurs through magnetic joints without any mechanical seal. This design guarantees the maximum safety and efficiency.

Max capascity: 9 m3/h

Max head: 50 mlc

Max temperature: 70°C for PP pumps and 90°C for PVDF pumps

Contact our office for more information:


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Mag drive pump HTM 31 PP/PVDF now suitable for 4kw

Sealless Magnetic Drive pumps model HTM 31 PP/PVDF are now suitable also for 4 KW motor size 112. This pump model can be coupled to three different motor sizes:

SIZE 90 – 2,2KW
SIZE 100 – 3KW
new SIZE 112 – 4 KW
You can contact our sales department for more details.


What are the characteristics of mag drive pump model HTM PP/PVDF?

HTM PP/PVDF pumps are mag drive centrifugal pumps made of thermoplastic materials (PP and PVDF) and are suitable to pump high corrosive liquids.

Max capacity: 45 m3/h, Max Head: 33 mlc, Max
Temperature: 90°C Max viscosity: 200 cSt, Pressure rating NP 4 at 20°C.

Click here to find out more.


How does a magnetic drive pump work?

Sealless mag drive pumps have a particular sealless design that is suitable to pump corrosive and dangerous liquids thanks to the high chemical resistance and absence of leakage and emissions. The structure is really simple and requires a very reduced maintenance with consequent save in terms of repairing and spare parts costs during the pump life.
The external magnet, placed on the drive shaft, transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller which rotates and moves the fluid through the pump.

Here is a sketch of the functioning of magnetic drive system.Mga drive pumps



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An Italian in Thailand, Marino’s new life

Some of you maybe remember that last year Mr Cotti, one of the founders of GemmeCotti pumps, decided to change completely his life and move to Thailand to start a new adventure. Recently our Marketing Manager Ms Cristina Castelli went to Phuket to meet him and to know more about his new adventure.
“So Marino, hello! How are you? It’s good to see you again!”
“Hello to you and welcome to Marino’s pizza. I’m really good, I love living here in Thailand! It’s always hot, the beaches are amazing and the people are really nice and welcoming.”
“You went from selling chemical pumps in Italy to a Pizza restaurant in Thailand, why this radical choice?”
“I’ve always wanted to cook and open a restaurant. Last year I realized it was the right time to begin this new challenge and move to Thailand where I spent beautiful years during my youth. Some months ago I opened Marino’s Pizza as a take away restaurant where I offer many kind of pizzas, jam tarts and butter cookies. I also have a typical Thai saleng that I use for catering during birthday parties and many other events.”
“Marino, that’s great! And the pizza that I’ve just tasted is very good.”
“All the ingredients come directly from Italy. I wanted to bring some of the Italian taste here in Thailand. I have to say that it’s really appreciated. If you want I can also give you some of my recipes for GemmeCotti’s newsletters!
“Thank you for the offer Marino and for the hospitality at Marino’s pizza. I wish you good luck for your new life and I hope to see you again soon, here in Thailand or in Italy.”
“Thanks to you for coming here. I miss everybody at GemmeCotti and I hope to meet all the others very soon.”

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Why choose GemmeCotti as your pump supplier?

Every pump manufacturer tries to produce the best possible product at the cheapest price and to offer a good service to the customer. But every company has its own peculiarities and characteristics which make it different from all the other competitors in the same market. That is why sometimes the customer needs to know all the positive aspects of the pump supplier in addition of the technical features of the pump itself in order to choose the best solution for his needs.

Thinking about GemmeCotti, so many positive aspects come to my mind regarding both the products and the company. Here are some of the most important and significative

 The company

  1. Present in the chemical pump field since 1992. GemmeCotti has been producing chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids for more than 20 years. The brand is well known all over the world and GemmeCotti pumps are now exported in more than 75 different countries. GemmeCotti factory
  2. Design and production completely Made in Italy. We have a technical office that follows the entire designing process from the first idea of a new pump or pump improvement to the final validation of the prototype. When the pump is ready to enter the market we start the production in our workshop.
  3. All the parts of our pumps are from qualified Italian suppliers and everything is checked by skilled GemmeCotti personnel to assure the compliance to the technical constructive drawings.
  4. Wide range of pumps. We manufacture different type of pumps: SEALLESS MAGNETIC DRIVE CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, SEALLESS MAGNETIC DRIVE TURBINE PUMPS, SEALLESS MAGNETIC DRIVE VANE PUMPS, MECHANICAL SEAL PUMPS, VERTICAL CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMPS in 3 main materials PP/PVDF/ASISI316. These pumps are offered with almost 400 variations according to the customer’s need (special design, special materials, different o.rings, different motor sizes for each pump etc….).
  5. Company certified ISO 9001. In 2007 GemmeCotti obtained the ISO certification, a clear proof of our dedication to constant improvement and desire to offer high quality service and products. 
  6. Skilled and always updated personnel. All the employees participate to periodical courses to be constantly informed both on the technical side and on the commercial and marketing aspects of our field.
  7. Pumps ready on stock to assure the fastest possible delivery of standard pumps and spare parts. In case of urgent need the customer can have the pump in very few days to avoid unpleasant plant shutdowns during normal processing cycles.
  8. Constant innovation of working techniques and pump design. We are always trying to find innovative solutions to offer the best to our customers.

These are only a few of the many reasons why a customer should choose GemmeCotti as his pump supplier….apart from the quality of the pumps of course…

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Achema 2015: what a big success!

On 19th June the international exhibition for the chemical industry ACHEMA 2015 ended now it’s time to sum up the results of our participation. We decided to present a sample of each pump type so that the visitors of our stand could have an idea of our manufacturing capability: from the sealless magnetic drive pumps (centrifugal, vane  and turbine pumps in plastic and metallic materials) to the mechanical seal pumps and vertical centrifugal pumps. Needless to say that the extremely positive feedback and the enthusiasm shown by customers and potential customers for our pump was more than what we expected.
Our Managing Director Mr Enrico Gemme after the exhibition commented: “Achema 2015 has been a huge and unexpected success. We got many new contacts interested in our pumps and we truly believe that in the next months we would be able to expand our business in new countries making GemmeCotti a leader worldwide in the field of chemical pumps”.

achema 2015 - gemmecotti

gemmecotti at achema

GemmeCotti pumps at Achema2015

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How can you prevent dry running of pumps? 

One of the main reasons of pump damage is the dry running due to functioning without liquid, so it is important to pay attention and never let a pump operate without liquid inside. Moreover, if you think about it, the main purpose of hydraulic pumps is to transfer a fluid, so letting the pump work without liquid is useless and it’s a huge waste of energy.

What happens when a pump runs dry?

When a pump works without fluid there is a sudden increase of  the internal temperature with destructive results of some pump parts.

For example, when a plastic pump (in PP or PVDF) runs dry, the main damage occurring are:

1- the shaft in ceramic may broke due to a thermal shock.

2- the rotating bushing may block on the shaft.

3- melting of some plastic parts (impeller, rear casing, internal magnet etc.) due to the sudden temperature rise.

 How is it possible to prevent dry running?dry running protection

To avoid the inconvenience of the dry running you can simply install a dry running protection device which stops the pump immediately in case of danger of dry-running. As a matter of fact, the device checks constantly the active power of the motor, which is the minimum value of the instantaneous power absorbed by the pump, through the reception of information about the voltage, the cosφ and current variations. Through a set point and a timer, which are adjustable, it’s possible to set the minimum power and the triggering time of the device. If the power goes under the established value, the pump stops and the device must be switched on again manually. In case of continuous intervention on the apparatus,  check the presence of liquid and/or the correct functioning of the plant to find the cause of working of the device.

Click here to find out more.

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Live from Achema 2015, GemmeCotti stand

The international exhibition for chemical engineering and process industries ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt has just started and our personnel is ready to meet you at our stand HALL 9.0 B58. You can see the complete range of pumps and have the chance to talk to the General Manager to find out the best pumping solutions for your applications.

gemmecotti at achema

gemmecotti stand

stand achema gemmecottiachema 2015 - gemmecotti


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We are waiting for you at Achema 2015!

Don’t miss the chance to visit our stand HALL 9.0 STAND B58 at ACHEMA 2015!

This important international exhibition for chemical engineering and process industries will take place from 15th to 19th June 2015 in Frankfurt (Germany). Meet us there and you will have the chance to see the entire chemical pump production and to find out more about our new products such as for example centrifugal mag drive pumps series HCM with capacity up to 130 m3/h, mag drive vane pumps model HTP designed for high differential pressure and very low temperatures and portable pump model H-IBC suitable to unload tank trucks IBC containers.

Mag drive centrifugal pumps series HCM are made of thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF) and are highly resistant to chemicals, pressure and temperatures thanks to the strong structure of the pump head which is machined from a solid block.

Mag drive vane pump series HTP are  made of stainless steel AISI316 and are suitable to pump hydrocarbons, cryogenics, radioactive liquids and other chemicals. The mag drive design allows a safe work without risks of leakage and emissions.

Portable pump series H-IBC is a mag drive centrifugal pump in plastic which is place in a structure that you can move easily.

Visit our website for more information!

Mag drive centrifugal pumps series HCM GemmeCottiMag drive centrifugal pump HCM


portable pump for IBC container

Portable pump H-IBC


rotary vane pumps model HTP

Mag drive vane pump HTP

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Will you visit Expo? Contact us!

2015 is a very important year for us since the city of Milano, which lies few kilometers south of our factory, will host the Universal Exhibition EXPO MILANO 2015. From 1st May to 31st October the city will become the global showcase where participants from all over the world will exchange ideas and solutions on the main theme of the exhibition: FOOD.
GemmeCotti wants to offer the unique chance to meet us at our factory in Ceriano Laghetto and to get to know better our pumps while you are in the area to visit Expo. We can help you during your stay, supporting you with transportation and hotel reservations. Contact us at least two weeks before your trip to Italy and we will be glad to organize a meeting with you and to welcome you at our factory.
Click here if you want to find out more about EXPO 2015!

expo 2015

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Do you know that GemmeCotti pumps can be used in car washing machines?

pumps in car washing plantsGemmeCotti pumps are used in many industries for different applications among which also car washing plants. Chemical pumps in car washes are installed with the main purpose of dosing and spraying water containing detergents and chemicals of various kinds through high-pressure jets. So it is necessary to use an efficient and reliable high-pressure pump to guarantee clean and shiny vehicles.

Our experience in car washes

We have a lot of experience in this particular field and recently we have worked on a new project which required a pumping equipment with very high pressure for a wheel rim cleaning system in a car wash machine. The customer required a pump suitable to transfer a detergent from a 40-liter-tank to the oscillating jets of the machine. The fundamental requirement for the pump was the discharge pressure which had to be at least 6 bar. We studied carefully the application and in the end we proposed our metallic rotary vane pump series HTP that can reach a maximum pressure of 13 bar.

High pressure vane pumps for car washing machines

The pump model HTP that we selected for the application is a positive displacement pump with vanes made of stainless steel AISI316. In this pump the vanes in graphite are mounted in a rotor and they move inside a cavity sliding into and out of the rotor. In this way the fluid is pumped outside the pump with a pressure up to 13 bar and a maximum flow of 2000 l/h. Click here

GemmeCotti rotary vane pumps model HTP

Mag drive vane pump HTP

to watch how a vane pump works.

Vane pumps model HTP in AISI 316 are suitable for detergents, hydrocarbons, solvents, heat transfer oils, refrigerants and cryogenics or other thin no-lubricating liquids. Thanks to the mag drive design these pumps are useful for low flow and high pressure applications such as car washes, pilot plants, sampling, flushing of mechanical seals and cooling units.


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How does a mag drive rotary vane pump work?

In a magnetic drive rotary vane pump two pumps design are combined together: the sealless magnetic coupling and the positive displacement system with vanes.

With the magnetic coupling the torque is transmitted through contactless magnetic forces from the external magnet which is coupled to the motor shaft to the internal magnet which is connected to an impeller or rotor. This design ensures a hermetic and reliable separation between the pump and the motor making it the best solution when pumping chemicals and acids because it prevents leakage and emissions.

A rotary vane pumping system consists of vanes mounted in a rotor that rotate inside a cavity. When the rotor moves thanks to the above mentioned mag drive system, the vanes slide into and out of the rotor creating vane chambers that do the pumping work.

For further information you can watch the video below or visit our website 

mag drive rotary vane pump GemmeCotti


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GemmeCotti year 2014, a year full of novelties

Another year has almost passed and it’s time again to sum up all the novelties and developments that we faced in 2014:

January: development of new mag drive centrifugal pump model HCM with casing machined from a solid block. The biggest pump of the series can reach 130 m3/h.

February: Mr Marino Cotti, one of GemmeCotti’s shareholders, after 22 years with the company sells his shares to Mr Enrico Gemme and leaves Italy to start a new business adventure abroad.

March: GemmeCotti starts a contest for students of graphic design schools with the purpose of updating the company logo. Istituto Professionale Albe Steiner of Turin accepts the proposal and two students win the prize for the best logos. Click here to know more.

April: the new video with our company presentation is online, click here and enjoy!

May: we hire Ms Eleonora, a new sales agent who will support Italian customers.

June: renewal of our ISO 9001:2008 certificate after a periodical audit performed by a TUV Sud lead auditor.

July: two video tutorials of how to assemble and disassemble GemmeCotti centrifugal mag drive pumps are online, click here and here to watch them.

August: Special offer for air-operated double diaphragm pumps model HAOD, promotional prices of sizes 1/2″ and 1″ in PP and PVDF.

September: we exhibit at Expoquimia 2014 in Barcelona with our Spanish distributor Bombas Torres.

October: production of vertical seal-less mag drive pumps series HTM-V which can be used for tank and sump applications without risk of leakage and emissions thanks to the hermetic design.

November: we hire Nicolò and Giacomo, newly-graduated engineers who will assist the Technical department in the development of new pumps.

December: the newly-hired engineers begin to prepare 3D drawings of all our pumps. We plan to finish all the drawings by the end of next year.

We have many more projects to develop in 2015, so follow us for many more news.

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GemmeCotti at Expoquimia 2014, our fair experience

Last month we exhibited at Expoquimia 2014 in Barcelona, Spain and we had the chance to show our complete pump production including the new mag drive centrifugal pump model HCM PP/PVDF machined from a solid block and the portable mag drive centrifugal pump model H-IBC.
We were particularly pleased with our time at the fair because we discussed with customers and potential customers about new ideas for GemmeCotti pump development.
We want to thank, in particular, our Spanish distributor Bombas Torres who shared the stand with us and supported us during the entire exhibition.

stand Expoquimia 2014


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Video: how to assemble and disassemble metallic mag drive pump series HTM SS316

Here is the new GemmeCotti video tutorial: how to assemble and disassemble mag drive pump HTM SS316.


Mag drive centrifugal pumps model HTM SS316  are seal less pumps suitable to pump hydrocarbons, solvents and dangerous liquids and are made of AISI316. These metallic pumps have a special design in which the transmission of the motion occurs through magnetic joints (external magnet and internal magnet) without any mechanical seal. The external magnet is placed on the drive shaft and transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller which rotates and moves the liquid through the pump.
This simple structure guarantees a very reduced maintenance with consequent save in terms of repairing and spare parts costs during the pump life. Click here for more information about HTM SS316 pumps.
Enjoy our video tutorial!

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Video: how to assemble and disassemble mag drive centrifugal pump HTM PP/PVDF

Here is the new GemmeCotti video tutorial: how to assemble and disassemble mag drive centrifugal pump HTM PP/PVDF. Click here or on the image below to watch the video

Video tutorial: how to assemble and disassemble mag drive pump HTM PP/PVDF



Mag drive centrifugal pumps series HTM PP/PVDF are chemical seal less pumps suitable to pump high corrosive fluids and are made of polypropylene or PVDF. These kind of pumps for acids has a special design in which the transmission of the motion occurs through magnetic joints (external magnet and internal magnet) without any mechanical seal. The external magnet is placed on the drive shaft and transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller which rotates and moves the liquid through the pump.

This simple structure guarantees a very reduced maintenance with consequent save in terms of repairing and spare parts costs during the pump life.

Watch our video tutorial for more information!


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That’s how you can unload tank trucks and IBC containers

When you have to unload a tank truck or an IBC container you need to use a suitable pump resistant to corrosion that can be easily moved. That’s why we designed a pumping system which is portable and composed of chemical resistant mag drive centrifugal pump series HTM PP/PVDF. The peculiarities of this device are that it is flexible for different uses, and it is portable.

The pump is placed in a proper structure that can be removed from an IBC container’s attack and connected to another, thanks to quick couplings, ensuring anyway all of its functionalities.

H-IBC portable pump GemmeCotti



The displacement of the pump is easy and rapid, as a result of its compact shape and its practical handles, located on the top. The system includes a control panel composed by illuminated start and stop pushbuttons, a red LED for power on, an emergency stop button with manual restoration and a flexible supply cable with CEE plug. There is also a specific container in order to collect dropping fluid. As an optional, it is possible to order a dry running protection device and a frame with wheels for an even easier portability.


Materials available: PP and PVDF
Max capacity: 13 m3/h
Max head: 14 m
Standard motor: 0,55 kw, B3/B5, 2poles, single phase, 230V, 50-60HZ
Baseplate: included



GemmeCotti H-IBC portable pump main applications


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Video: GemmeCotti chemical pumps – company presentation

GemmeCotti S.r.l has been producing chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids since 1992, when its founders started their own company after considerable experience on chemical pump design and production.


Our wide range of products includes mag-drive centrifugal pumps, mag drive turbine pumps, mag drive vane pumps, vertical pumps, mechanical seal pumps and vacuum pumps, manufactured in thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF) or metallic materials (Aisi 316, Titanium, Hastelloy).

We are now happy to show you a video of our company and our staff. Enjoy it!  Click here to watch GemmeCotti company presentation 


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5 things to keep in mind when installing a pump

The pump is generally part of a hydraulic system that can include a various number of components such as valves, fittings, filters, expansion joints, instruments, etc. The way the piping is arranged and the position of the components has a great influence on the operation and on the life of the pump. Here are five things to keep in mind when installing a pump in a plant:

  1. Locate the pump as near as possible to the liquid source and under the level of the liquid (in case of non self-priming pumps). Always use pipes as short and straight as possible and limit the number of bends assuring radius of curvature as large as possible. This would avoid air vortex that can be created in the long piping line. Avoid the creation of siphon also before the suction of the pump.
  2. Do not load the pump with the weight of the pipes. The piping should be properly supported and kept in line independently from the pump, until its connections, so that the piping doesn’t exert loads on the pump.
  3. The sizes of the suction and discharge pipes have to be at least as large as the inlet connection of the pump. Diameter restriction of the suction pipe is responsible and cause of the cavitation of the pump, creating a loss in the performance of the pump and a rapid wear. It’s advisable always to use (if in case) flexible reinforced pipes that don’t collapse under a situation of depression
  4. A check valve should be installed on the discharge pipe to avoid the liquid to flow back when the pump is stopped.
  5. The suction line has to be clean and/or contain a filter to protect the impeller from damage due to impurities, or other foreign particles, especially when starting the plant for the first time.
  6. Don’t use metallic piping with plastic pumps to avoid cracks on pump connections and make sure that the connections are properly tightened otherwise the suction capacity will be reduce

The easy rules written above are very important for the correct installation of a pump but if you want to check also the correct functioning you could:

  1. Install a  proper pressure gauge on both the suction and discharge piping which allows a control of the functioning in relation to the required working point. In case of cavitation or other dysfunctions, the gauges will show evident pressure fluctuations.
  2. Install a wattmeter to monitor the electric power absorbed by the motor to avoid dry running of pumps.

Few precautions can prevent pump failures and consequent losses of time and money for repair.


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How can you install a pump perfectly horizontal?

When installing a chemical pump with motor configuration B3/B5 in a plant it’s really difficult to maintain it perfectly horizontal because of the heavier weight of the pump with respect to the motor and/or the form of the motor flange which doesn’t allow a balanced placement. So in this case how can you install a pump horizontal?

GemmeCotti technical office designed special baseplates to solve this problem. As a matter of fact, the pump complete with motor can be easily assembled to the baseplate thanks to the holes pre-drilled on the surface so that it can remain in position and perfectly horizontal. The baseplates are made in reinforced PP  and are available in three different sizes and they can be assembled with IEC and NEMA motors with B3/B5 form, from 0,12 kW to 4 kW.

The positive aspects of this solutions are:

– strong structure resistant to the pump weight and vibrations

– easy and fast assembling of the motor to the baseplate     

– material of construction resistant to acid corrosion

– safety installation of the pump

– cheap solution to a problem that can be faced in a plant


Sometimes customers think that it’s not necessary to spend money to buy a baseplate because they can “invent” and create their own structure to keep the pump in position. But is it really cheaper? There’s always the designing process to consider in addition to the purchase of the parts to use and obviously the time and workmanship for the realization of the structure.

Adding all these costs it’s clear that a little investment for a baseplate already built and ready to be installed in the end could be a great benefit.


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GemmeCotti logo contest awards ceremony

After choosing the winners of GemmeCotti Logo Contest, on Tuesday 18th March we organized a meeting in Turin at Albe Steiner graphic design school to give the deserved prizes to the students.

Once there, we had the pleasure to meet the principal Ms Principiano and Ms Roseo, the teacher who promoted our contest to their students.They were so nice as to make a brief introduction of the school, named after the famous Italian designer Albe Steiner (1913- 1974), where more than 1000 high school students learn graphic design, photography and audiovisual. During the tour of the building we had the chance to see personally many beautiful works (photos, posters, murals etc.) made by students and former students who, thanks to their innovative and creative ideas, won different national and local graphic contests.

We were really pleased to see many talented boys and girls who are studying hard to become better and better and we gladly gave them the prizes and the certificate of attendance of our contest.

Here are some pictures of the awards ceremony

GemmeCotti logo prize ceremony

Prizes to the winners

Federica Carbone and Alessio D’Altilia, winners of the contest

The winners Federica and Alessio

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New GemmeCotti logo: contest results

A logo is the sign that distinguishes a company from its beginning. Through the lines, font and colors it transmits the essence of a brand over the years. But with time, a company undergoes inevitable transformations: the products develop, the employees change, the market widens and differs and consequently, the logo may not reflect fully the company development any more. That’s why some months ago we announced a contest for students of graphic design schools with the purpose of updating the company logo.

Istituto Professionale Albe Steiner of Turin gladly accepted our proposal and their students have sent us their projects for: Corporate logo, Business card, Letterhead, Products catalogue, Company website.

These are the participants of the contest:


After a careful analysis of their works we have decided to give the prize to both: ALESSIO D’ALTILIA and FEDERICA CARBONE

We have chosen Alessio because he succeeded in updating the logo, while maintaining its structure and style.


Federica, on the contrary, gave a modern touch with a font and use of colors that, according to us, well represents the idea of change that we would like to show.

We thank all the students who took part in our competition. Their projects were wonderful and gave us the opportunity to evaluate different styles. We are going to organize a meeting at the school in the near future to give the prizes to the winners and to meet personally all these talented students.

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Mag drive vs Mechanical seal pumps: which are the advantages and disadvantages?

In applications where chemicals, acids and corrosive liquids are involved it’s necessary to pay a great attention to the kind of pumps used and sometimes it’s difficult to choose between seal or sealless pumps. So which are the advantages and disadvantages of mag drive sealless pumps in comparison a with mechanical seal pumps? This is the neverending debate for pump manufacturers and pump users and in this article I would like to point out some aspects to keep in mind when choosing the pump design.


Mag drive pumps have a particular sealless design where the pump is closed coupled to the motor. The external magnet placed on the drive shaft transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller which rotates and moves the fluid through the pump. The external magnet and inner magnet are separated by a rear casing that creates a hermetic containment of the liquid that has no access to the outside


  1. This special hermetic pump design prevents any leakage of fluid and fugitive emissions, that in case of chemicals, corrosive liquids, explosive and flammable fluids could be very dangerous for people dealing with the pump and especially for the environment. So mag drive pumps allow to follow strict environmental and safety objectives required by many regulations.  We shouldn’t forget also that some liquids could be very expensive and their loss due to a seal failure may cause high unnecessary extra costs.
  2. Mag drive pumps are very reliable and need very low maintenance thanks to their simple design. With normal working conditions these pumps can work without any kind of repair for more than a decade so their life cost is highly reduced  even if it’s always better to check o-rings and bearings every one/two years just to be sure that there is no wearing.
  3. The coupling is very easy because there is no need for a motor/pump alignment.


  1. In applications involving even a small percentage of solids the mag drive system is not the suitable solution. Magnetic drive pumps, in fact, can work only with clean liquids without solids in suspension.
  2. Magnetic drive pumps are usually more expensive than mechanical seal pumps. However, as written above, the maintenance costs are very reduced during the life of the pump and these long-term financial advantages should be considered when choosing the pump design.



The seal in mechanical seal pumps is composed by a static ring and a rotating ring placed on the pump shaft which is directly coupled to the motor shaft. The two surfaces sliding together need to be lubricated and the seal lubricant is the liquid itself that is being pumped.


  1. Mechanical seal pumps are the perfect solution for applications involving solids in the liquid (for example waste water treatments) because their design with open impeller allows to pump very dirty liquids and fluids with high viscosity.
  2. The cost of this kind of pumps is lower in comparison with mag drive pumps so, if the financial aspect is critical when choosing the pump, sealed pump may be the right selection.


  1. Seals are often the weak point in standard pumps because they are the first cause of failure in a chemical process. When a mechanical seals fails it allows the liquids to escape causing dangerous leakage.
  2. Considering the point above, to avoid harmful events and dangerous leakage it’s necessary to plan a periodical maintenance of mechanical seal pumps to check the status of the seal and replace worn parts. In this case the costs of maintenance of these pumps could be higher than those of mag drive pumps.

In some applications it’s possible to install both mechanical seal or mag drive pumps and technicians can decide according to the advantages and disadvantages of each pump which is the best for them.

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Our 2013 month by month

The year is almost over and we think it’s time to sum it all up just to have a clear idea of all the novelties, improvements and development that GemmeCotti has faced during 2013.

January: Plastic mag drive vane pumps series HPP/HPF are available in three more sizes (600-800-1000) which can reach a maximum capacity of 1000 l/h and a pressure of 5 bar. Visit HPP/HPF website page 

February: Our customers welcome gladly the new baseplates designed to allow a perfectly horizontal installation of the pump in the plant. The baseplates available in different dimensions are suitable  for motors up to size 112.

March: GemmeCotti introduces the new series of mag drive centrifugal pumps machined from a solid block mod. HCM. These pumps have a capacity up to 130 m3/h and a maximum head of 48m. Visit HCM website page.

pumps with baseplates GemmeCottiApril: Mag drive centrifugal pumps mod. HTM PP/PVDF can be supplied with hydraulic motor. With this solution it’s possible to unload chemicals from trucks that don’t have electric box or compressed air available simply using the hydraulic power station of the truck.

May: GemmeCotti hires Stefano, a newly-graduated engineer whose task is to assist the Technical department Manager to design new pumps.

June: Renewal of our ISO 9001 certificate after a periodical audit performed by a TUV SUD lead auditor. Click here to see our up-to-date certificate.

July: All the employees attend a course about health and safety at work because GemmeCotti wants to ensure that they are protected from harm in the workplace.

August: New GemmeCotti website is online with many news, technical documents, full description of all the pumps and much more. Click here to visit the website.

September: The marketing department publishes regularly articles on the GemmeCotti blog regarding GemmeCotti world and events and also about technical aspects and pump designing/manufacturing process.

October: Improvement of our bench test so that in the future it will be possible to test pumps with higher and higher performances and motor powers.

GemmeCotti warehouse

GemmeCotti warehouse

November: GemmeCotti installs 6-meter-high shelving in the new warehouse build to widen the workshop.

December: GemmeCotti pumps are exhibited during ChemShow exhibition in New York from 10th to 12th December at the booth of the American company iTech Pumps& Fans.


It’s obviously been a year full events for us and we are already developing new projects for 2014!

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Pumps ready on stock? A bigger warehouse is our solution

More and more often our customers want high quality pumps delivered in the shortest possible time and to meet these requirements we have recently improved our logistic system and bought a new 500 m2 warehouse where in November 2013 we installed 6-meter-high shelvings.
Thanks to this additional space we can keep even more spare parts and complete pumps on stock so that our customers will receive an immediate reply and won’t have to wait unnecessarily long time to have the ordered goods.
The current delivery time of our standard pumps are:

Mag-drive centrifugal pumps in plastic HTM PP/PVDF: 3-4 working days

GemmeCotti shelvings

GemmeCotti shelvings

Mag-drive turbine pumps in plastic mod. HTT: 3-4 working days
Mag-drive centrifugal pumps in AISI316 HTM SS: 1-2 weeks
Mechanical seal centrifugal pumps mod. HCO: 1-2 weeks
Mag drive vane pumps in AISI 316 mod. HTP: 1-2 weeks
Mag drive turbine pumps in AISI316 mod. HTA: 1-2 weeks
Vertical pumps HV /HVL PP: 1-2 weeks

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There’s a suitable material for each application

In my latest article about the different materials used for chemical pumps I wrote a brief guide helpful for a first materials selection according to their properties and characteristics. Now I would like to analyze each material from the point of view of their typical applications.


Polypropylene (PP):

Mechanical applications: PP is used for mechanical parts in corrosive environments. Compared to polyethylene with a high molecular weight, polypropylene has a higher traction resistance.

Alimentary applications: physiologically inert when it has a natural color, polypropylene is suitable for  use in contact with foods.

Electrical applications: good dielectric characteristics and weather-proof.

Chemical applications: PP is widely used in chemical industries because of its high resistance to acids and alkali. Thanks to its higher resistance to temperature than PVC  it’s used for valves, flanges gears etc. in chemical, galvanic and petrochemical industry. It’s not suitable for use with high concentration oxidizing acids.



Chemical applications: the high chemical resistance to acids and alkali is typical of fluorinate polymers (PVDF) that’s why it’s mainly used for parts in petrochemical and chemical industries.

Alimentary applications: physiologically inert when it has a natural color, it’s approved by different organizations for use in contact with foods. It’s often used because of this characteristics, especially in alimentary machines and in pumps for alimentary liquids.

Electrical applications: good dielectric characteristics, self-extinguishing without adding halogens and weather-proof

Mechanical applications: the low friction coefficient makes is suitable for bearings even if they work in water.



Mechanical applications: the low coefficient of friction makes it useful for bearings unless they have to support a great weight.

Alimentary applications:  physiologically inert, it’s approved for use in contact with food by some organizations, but in some countries it’s questioned the possible use in contact with food.

Electrical applications: thanks to the good dielectric characteristics, the self-extinguishing and the stability to bad weather it’s used more and more in this field.

Chemical applications:  typical of fluorinate polymers is the high chemical resistance to acids and alkali. It’s main use is for components in petrochemical and chemical industry.



Mechanical applications: Gaskets, section bars and technical items for cars, handmade articles for anti-acid protections.



Suitable for plants for production of nitric and sulphuric acid and for the relative equipment (pumps, valves and pipes). It’s used in very aggressive environments (textile industry, paper industry, oenological- alimentary  industry, and especially naval industry).

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A brief guide to choose the suitable pump materials for chemical applications

When dealing with acids it’s important to use suitable chemical pump materials resistant to corrosion which are highly efficient and require minimum maintenance. That’s why, after years of experience in chemical pumps field, we decided to use Polypropylene, PVDF and AISI316 as standard materials for our pumps and EPDM, Viton and PTFE for the o-rings.

Every material has its own properties and characteristics that make it suitable for pumping different acids because, as I wrote in my previous article about pump selection, it’s really important to choose the right pump material for every chemical application.

 Polypropylene (PP)

  1. Polypropylene is well known with the name Moplen (™)
  2. It’s a thermoplastic material extremely resistant to many solvents, bases and acids such as for example acetone, caustic soda and chloridric acid.
  3. It’s not suitable for concentrated, oxidizing acids.
  4. It’s used in many different industries for parts subjected to relatively modest forces.
  5. Temperature range for PP pumps is from 4° to 60°C.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)

  1. It’s a thermoplastic material of the fluoropolymer family and it’s used generally in special applications requiring the highest purity, strength, and resistance to solvents, acids, saline solutions, to alkali and bases.
  2. It’s mainly used with liquids such as for example sodium hypochlorite, concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid, gasoline.
  3. It doesn’t undergo deformation under loads and has a high mechanical resistance.

  4. Temperature range for PVDF pumps is from -40° to 90°C.

 Stainless steel AISI316

  1. It’s a metallic material used when both the properties of steel and the resistance to corrosion are required.
  2. Particularly indicated for pumps working with high temperature liquids, oils, kerosene, alcohols.
  3. It’s used to pump acids up to a maximum temperature of 160°C

Also the o-rings are in contact with the liquid and their material is very important to avoid leakage.


  1. It’s an elastomer with a good resistance to heat, ketones, ordinary diluted acids and alkalines.
  2. Temperature range: from -40°C to 140° C

  3. We usually use EPDM o-rings as standard with PP pumps


  1. It’s a fluoropolymer elastomer with a good resistance to hydrocarbons, acids, fuels, mineral and vegetable oils but it’s incompatible with ketones and organic acids
  2. Temperature up to 150°C
  3. We usually use VITON as standard with PVDF and AISI316 pumps


  1. Polytetrafluoroethylene known also as Teflon (™).
  2. It’s highly resistant to the attack of acids and basis  in corrosive environments but it has poor mechanical properties such as traction and compression.
  3. T

    emperature range: from 4°C to 260°C

These are general rules that can be useful for chosing pump material but it’s better to consult a good chemical compatibility chart to select the best material for each chemical application.

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Our New website is online!

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new GemmeCotti website designed with a fresh and innovate look, user-friendly navigation and up-to-date contents. There are many improvements that will help users to find the information they are looking for. The main new features are:

  1. Immediate and easy access to the complete range of pumps. In the home page users can see the photos and a brief description of each kind of pumps supplied by GemmeCotti and with a simple click it’s possible to have a look at the pumps available for each category.
  2. Up-to-date news about our company and our pumps for acids available directly from the home page.
  3. Direct links to our social networks. GemmeCotti is active on different social media such as for example Google+ and LinkedIn (with a company page and a company group) where we often publish news, photos, discussions and technical information. Moreover we have a new blog full of different articles regarding GemmeCotti world and events, technical aspects about pumps for acids and pump designing/manufacturing process.
  4. Users can subscribe to our periodical newsletter where we share news about products, services, events, marketing activities and special offers. A useful way to be always up-to-date about GemmeCotti world through a simple home page
  5. Detailed technical description for each pump  with all the features and technical data. Users can also download the product specific catalogues, the technical drawings and the use and maintenance manual.pump description
  6. Download page with all the pump catalogues page
  7. For those interested in receiving a quotation for our pumps or spare parts there is a form to fill in  suitable to send enquiries.
  8. Full company presentation with details about our services, our mission and values.
  9. For a first selection of the pump material, users can find a chemical compatibility chart with the main liquids that can be pumped and the standard materials used in GemmeCotti pumps. chemical compatibility chartWe hope you enjoy our new website and we wish you a great visit!
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Work experience for students, Internship in GemmeCotti

GemmeCotti internsEvery summer we offer an internship in GemmeCotti to high-school students who can use the things they have learned in school and put them into practice. In this way the students gain work experience in their field of study that can be helpful to finish the final year of school. This year our interns in the sales/marketing department are Eleonora and Jessica, two young girls who are studying business and foreign languages.

We took this opportunity and, after some weeks, asked few questions to Jessica about her experience in GemmeCotti.


Why have you decided to do an internship after the school year?

Because I wanted see how it feels to work in a company. I’ve never had this opportunity before and I think it’s important for me to find out if this is what I really want to do in the future.


Which purposes did you want to reach during your internship?

I had three main purposes in mind :

1- I wanted to experience the work environment for the first time because working eight hours in a company is really different from the school life.

2- I wanted to make a comparison between going to school and working so that next year I will be able to decide whether it’ll better to go on studying or to find a job.

3- I wanted to get the awareness of what I would really like to do in the future and if, in my case, I could be interested in working in a company.


So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m still not sure of what I would like to do but, as I have been studying foreign languages at school, I hope that I will find a job which will let me go on practicing them. Now, after that I’ve almost finished my internship , I can say that I have found this kind of job interesting and therefore I will take into consideration to work in a company like GemmeCotti in the future.


Would you consider you work experience here useful so far?

Definately! I have had the opportunity to see directly how people work in a company and now I can decide if  this kind of job could be what I am looking for. I am very satisfied with this internship because it has taught me how working in a company is and what cooperating with other people means.  Moreover, there are more responsibilities in the working environment than at school; for this reason I think an experience like this makes young people more responsible.


What has been the most positive aspect of this internship?

What I have appreciated the most was the possibility to see how people work in a company and to cooperate with them. Moreover, if I had to write an analysis essay of these weeks, I would say that this experience has been very positive because I have reached my purposes, I have learned something new and I have also finished several tasks with the help of my tutor and the other colleagues who have been very helpful in case of need. At the beginning I was a little shy because this was the first time I had worked in a company with new people, but after the first few days I got to know the place and the colleagues, who have been very nice to me.


And what aspect did you like the least?

I have not found negative aspects.  Maybe the most difficult thing was to get used to the working hours because I have never worked for eight hours in a row.  But time has passed really fast anyway!


Would you suggest this experience to your schoolmates?

Yes because it’s a great opportunity to put into practice your knowledge and to learn something new with a direct experience. During these weeks you can also get to know the working environment and you will not be completely unprepared when you start working in the future.


We thank Jessica and Eleonora for their job. It’s been a real pleasure to work with them during these weeks and we will wait for the next interns.

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HCM pumps, the latest challenge of GemmeCotti technical office

One of the latest challenge of GemmeCotti technical department is the development of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps series HCM. These new pumps are designed with the innovative sealless mag-drive system and they are manufactured using thermoplastic materials highly resistant to corrosive liquids. We have already produced the two biggest sizes (HCM 100-80 and HCM 80-65) and we are about to expand the series with smaller pumps which can cover a wide range of performances.

The main features of HCM pumps are:

flow rate up to 140 m3/h, head up to 50 mlc;HCM PUMPS

– manufactured using thermoplastic materials: PP (Polypropylene) or PVDF (Polyvinylidene difluoride);

– high quality materials in contact with the liquid: casing, impeller: PP/PVDF, o-ring: EPDM/VITON, shaft and ring: pure alumina 99,7%, bushings: PTFEC

– heavy walled casing machined from a solid block which guarantees a very high resistance to internal and external corrosion;

– integral flanged connections which ensure a zero leakage;

– the transmission of the motion occurs through magnetic joints without using mechanical seals. The synchronous magnetic coupling transmits torque from the external magnet connected to the electric motor, through a static rear casing, to the driven internal magnet inside the pump. This solution is ideal for pumping acids and dangerous liquids because it assures zero leakage of liquid or emissions;

These pumps are mainly used for severe applications where it’s necessary to transfer high corrosive liquids, like for example sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, brominated, chlorinated and fluorinated solutions.

We have already started to promote these new pumps to our customers and their response is helping us to proceed with the design of the entire series according to their needs and precious advices. We are now ready to start the mass production and we will keep you posted about further future developments.


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Five things you should know about Atex Pumps

When operating in a potentially explosive atmosphere it’s necessary to use a suitable pump designed and manufactured according to the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU. Here are five main things you should know when dealing with Atex Pumps:


  1. Equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres is divided into groups and categories according to the degree of protection offered. You can see and example in the table below.
    Atex groups and categories

    Table 1 – Atex groups and categories

  2. Pumps for use in potentially explosive atmospheres will normally be classified under Group II, Categories 2 and 3. It is the responsibility of the end user to classify the zone and the corresponding group (dust or gas) in accordance with the EC – Directive 1992/92/EC. Once the pump manufacturer knows the Atex classification needed by the customer, it’s possible to select the right pump solution.
  3. Atex pumps have a special design which prevents the formation of sparks and the ignition of explosive atmospheres that may be produced or released by equipment. They must be assembled to Explosion proof motors with the same safety measures.
  4. Atex pumps for zone 1, where explosive atmosphere caused by gases, vapours, mists or air/dust mixtures are likely to occur, must be equipped with safety devices like dry running protection and thermoprobe PT 100. The dry running protection checks constantly the active power of the motor, which is the medium value of the instantaneous power absorbed by the pump, and prevents the dry-running of the pump, the closed discharge and the blocked suction. PT100, instead, is a resistance temperature detector used is used for monitoring the operating temperature of the pump.
  5. Atex pumps need a certification issued by the manufacturer and shall be marked with the following information:
    Atex mark

    Atex mark

  • name and address of the manufacturer
  • CE marking
  • series type, year of construction and serial numer
  • the specific marking of explosion protection followed by the symbol of the equipment group and category


The European Commission issued a guideline to facilitate the application of Atex directive 2014/34/EU which could be useful for the first approach to Atex products.

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Why is NPSH important for pump selection?

One of the important aspects to keep in mind when installing a pump in a plant is NPSH (net positive suction head).  There are two values of NPSH: NPSH available calculated by the plant engineer, and NPSH required which depends on the characteristics and performances of the pump. So why are these data so important?


NPSH available

The term is normally shortened to the acronym NPSHa where the ‘a’ denotes ‘available’. It is the result of the absolute pressure of a fluid at the inlet to a pump minus the vapour pressure of the liquid.


NPSH required

This is a term used by pump manufactures to describe the energy losses that occur within many pumps as the fluid volume is allowed to expand within the pump body. This energy loss is expressed as a head of fluid and is described as NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head requirement) where the ‘r’ suffix is used to denote the value is a requirement. Different pumps will have different NPSH requirements depending on the impeller design, the impeller diameter, the flow rate, the pump speed and other factors. A pump performance curve will usually include a NPSHr graph so that the NPSHr for the operating condition can be established.


Avoiding cavitation

The essencial condition to have a good pump functioning is that NPSHa is higher than NPSHr to avoid cavitation.

NPSH scheme

Cavitation is the formation of gas bubbles when the pressure within a fluid falls below its vapour pressure. If a fluid which contains gas bubbles is allowed to move through a pump, it is likely that the pump will increase the pressure within the fluid so that the gas bubbles collapse. This will occur within the pump and reduce the flow of delivered fluid. The collapse of the gas bubbles may cause vibrations which could result in damage to the pipework system or the pump. This effect is known as cavitation.



Correct pump selection

In order to choose the correct pump size, it’s always important to know the NPSHa and check if it is suitable with the NPSHr of the pump. Once the relationship between these values is right the pump will work correctly and cavitation will not occur.



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Which social media are useful for developing business of industrial manufacturers?

Social media provides virtually instant access to information throughout the world, thus giving businesses the ability to share news about their products and services with people that were once out of reach. It seems easy, but we have to consider also that the market of pumps for acids is a niche, we work B2B with rather limited type of industries and not all the social media will take us to satisfactory results. So which are the best social media for industrial manufacturers?

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How to easily select a pump for acid

If you need to select a chemical pump, first of all you should find out some important technical data which are extremely useful for the right choice of pump: capacity/flow and head/differential pressure required, kind of liquid, temperature, viscosity, possible presence of solids in suspension and if possible also NPSHa.


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This year, GemmeCotti decided to support an initiative which is important for us and we made a special gift to children.
We contributed to a fundraiser organized by a non-profit organization called “Comocuore”. They are located in Como and since 1985 they have been promoting initiatives with the aim to reduce death rate due to heart deseases. The word “Cuore” in Italian actually means “heart”.
Thanks to the initiative called “Missione Cuore” (“Heart Mission”) we bought walnuts to contribute to the donation of 50 defibrillators to many schools in our territory. It’s very important for us to know that these defibrillators could save children’s lives, making our schools a safer place for them.
If someone else is interested in sustaining Comocuore, you could find more info at the following website:



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